Four Go on Trial for Roma Slayings

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Zsolt Peto, Istvan Csontos and brothers Arpad and Istvan Kiss went on trial Friday for the murders and attempted murders of numerous Roma in Hungary. Roma, also known as gypsies are among Hungary’s poorest citizens.

The attacks occurred between July 2008 and August 2009. Six people were killed, five sustained life-threatening injuries, and five were seriously wounded.

The attacks happened late at night, using shotguns, a hunting rifle and fire bombs.

Prosecutors say the accused wanted to provoke the Roma community into acts of reprisal. According to the prosecutors’ indictment, the attacks were meticulously planned.

Three of the four men had undergone military training. Csontos served as a driver for the NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.

The first four attacks created injuries, but did not result in any deaths. In the fifth attack, and adult brother and sister were killed.

At this point, according to prosecutors, the group made murder their main goal.

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