Victims of Peter Manuel

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Anne Kneilands
Most believe 17-year-old Anne was raped by Manuel on January 2, 1956. Afterwards, he beat her to death with a length of iron. Although Manuel would confess to it two years later, there remains some doubt whether Manuel committed this crime

Marion Watt, Vivienne Watt, and Margaret Brown
Margaret, her sister Marion, and Marion’s daughter Vivianne were shot to death in a home invasion in Glasgow on September 17, 1956.

Sydney Dunn
36-year-old taxi driver Sydney was shot and killed while looking for work in Newcastle. His body was found in the moors in Northumbria. Although there is some doubt whether Manuel committed this crime, a button found in Sydney’s taxi matched one of Manuel’s jackets.

Isabelle Cooke
On December 28, 1957, 17-year-old Isabelle left home to go to a school dance. Manuel raped and strangled her, then buried her in a nearby field. He later lead officers to her body.

Peter, Doris, and Michael Smart
The Smarts were shot in their home on January 1, 1958. Manuel stayed in the home for nearly a week, eating their food and feeding their cat. He eventually stole some banknotes and the family car.

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