Profiler Casey Jordan on Gilgo Beach Killer

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With any high-profile crime, a parade of profilers and criminologists go online and on television to give their judgments on the case, usually with very limited information. Criminologist Casey Jordan was one of the firsts to do so for the Gilgo Beach body dumping site.

This morning, she went on CBS’s The Early Show. She said that the killer was likely a power-control or hedonistic lust killer. Given the odds, she’s probably correct, although no info has been released so far that could eliminate a hedonistic thrill killer as an option.

And given that the known victims were all prostitutes, it could be a mission-oriented killer as well, although I think this is generally just a ruse by the killer to hide his hedonistic lust impulses.

Jordan said:

I think (the police) know a lot more than we know. Number one, this all started because of the missing woman, Shannon Gilbert. And we haven’t found her yet, which is still this huge question mark. Is she out there, is she alive? And if all — if you have eight women within a year and a half, you’re talking about a certain type of killer who is perhaps even speeding things up or decompensating or putting the murders a little bit closer together. If there’s a cooling off period, it would probably be getting shorter right about now.

We don’t know if they were shot, stabbed, strangled – that would tell us a lot. We don’t know because of the state of the remains being so decompensated whether or not they were posed, tossed, dismembered. We don’t know any of that.

I agree. So attempting to profile the unsub’s behavior is a bit pointless at this time, isn’t it?

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