Reports: Police have a Suspect in the Gilgo Beach Murders

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A law-enforcement spokesperson has told the New York Post that they have a suspect in the Gilgo Beach murders:

Our homicide detectives are in touch with the [Atlantic City] police.

Apparently, they are looking at a specific suspect, but no further details were given.

It also appears that the eight bodies found on Long Island beaches over the last few months may be connected to the murders of four prostitutes in Atlantic City in 2006.

The Post also reports that the four bodies discovered in December had been wrapped in burlap, but the four more recently discovered bodies were dumped in a different manner. It has not yet been determined how long the more recently discovered bodies have been there. It’s possible they predate the ones discovered in December.

Said Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer:

We don’t know their sex, we don’t know their age, we don’t know anything about them.


  • anthony ancona says:

    these murders need to be looked at closly u must determine a time line and seroiusly look at a cop for these murders because if a prostitute gets in a car with a john they go close by to were they post up at and make it quick as posible in order to have these woman go with a man to a far location they need to be forced or trust them i would like to take a look at some of ur files so that i could help bring closure to the familys when these woman are identifyed i am a up and coming p.i. and i would do this for free please contact me at 6314457515 if u could use a pair of fresh eyes thank you

    • Brian Combs says:

      I agree that it could be a cop, but it isn’t necessarily one.

      Gary Ridgway would drive considerable distances with his victims. In many cases, he took them to his own house.

      And, to my knowledge, the four victims so far identified weren’t street walkers. As prostitutes who advertised online, I imagine they were used to having to travel some distance to meet their clients.

      Using throw away phones is fairly obvious. Making calls from crowded places is clever, but is something a non-cop could certainly come up with. Nothing we’ve heard so far says to me that it couldn’t be someone who watches crime dramas on TV.

      But then, I’m sure we’re not hearing everything.

  • Robert Maltmpo says:

    After reading that the suspect was believed to be calling from the areas of Massapequa and Manhattan I think it would be smart to assume that this guy presumably was calling and meeting with other girls from that profession. What I think the cops should do is find question girls who are still offerring service and see if any of them have had clients in the Massaoequa area. You can bet that if these girls did meet with this killer he must have been very suspiscious. Also, fake advertisements could be put on criags list and other places until someone from Massapequa orders service. Then it could be determined if they were the killer.

  • unknown says:

    Hey. What if i said my mom thinks it can posably be my step farther. His best friend is a land scaper/ the berlap he was a cop that was kicked off the force owns a buisness in manhatten& brooklyn lives on long island. Mom has in her 3 or 4 year callinder book dates marked down of weird actions he has taken and some of them match up to the dates of some of the girl dissapearences.. he dirt bike rides in manorvill were some body parts are found. Jane doe #9 along with baby thatwas found n linked to be hers we belive can be his foster sister that we hav not hurd from in some time. We know he is a socieopath has a past of being abuseiv and for past yr has bin watching show how to disapear without a trace religously. They may all be freak concedes but then again they may not be.. let me know what you think.

  • jennifer says:

    And I believe that whoever did this is definitely a local guy from suffolk county…I’d say for he knows how to cover his tracks!

  • sue says:

    i still believe this has to do with strip clubs on long island/escort services an organized crime. sure there could be a cop involved but i believe it involves alot of people. they really need shut down these strip clubs on long island. an shut down these papers that advertised for escort services/including on line. to many women are being murdered on long island and for years know one has done a thing. not the cat is out of the bag. not police department has to do something about it. what was the police department doing all these years pandering to organized crime. the public is degusted with the politicians on long island as well as the police department panderin to organize crime,while all these women are being murdered. no one deserves to die this way. we have real morans running politic on long island. clean up the corruption. or get another job.

    • Theresa Shelley says:

      They know it has to do with organize crime. But the politicians are not going to lock them up. An there will be more women hunted down on Long Island. These have a license to do home invasion, abducted your child off the street, put them on drugs. Then put them on strip poles or farm them to the streets. When there to old to to make the big money for organize crime. Who buts a precint next to a strip club. (West babylon) dumb right.

  • Theresa Shelley says:

    They should look at the jerk from north babylon with initials p.k.t

  • Theresa Shelley says:

    They know who it is but does there wives know.

  • Jane says:

    The gilgo murderer is an moron. You can’t get a stupider then this folks.

  • kelli says:

    I think it’s someone that comes seasonal or a mechanic or someone w a body shop i think that they should use a undercover and cop and advertise herself as a loner escort/ prostitute and maybe see if they get any hits cause he is still out their

  • Jane says:

    You people have people out there that have known about these homicides for years. They know exactly what is going on. Making a crappy movie, a writing a crappy book, etc.. You have garbage running suffolk county politics, there either sweep this under rug or frame some poor slob for the whole mess. Even though its a gang doing this, it’s been going on for years. The public has been lied to, they all not prostitutes. Some were stalked, others were inviting to a so called party, etc. it’s sick. The politicalstalkers are garbage on Long Island
    Absolute garbage.

  • Saammy says:

    I just think this guy is really smart but, not smart eneough to do what he does. To get caught and that, and he will get caught. I also think with the radius and all areas of kills. I think he lives in Scarborough Maine and visits New York. Probally has family there.

  • Gerald Lewis says:

    Everyone has their opinion on this who the real killer is. The NY Post tried to get their 15 mins of fame thinking I was the suspect because i correspond to high profile killers and serials. Their LI crime reporter thought i was the dude and wouldnt stop harassing me or my family until he realized he was just an ignorant cowboy who could have damaged my name and rep in the process – even sent 2 of his NY Post morons to my job looking for me caused more probs and had his camerman take my pics = sad really if not a joke…

  • Flash says:

    The killer is out there somewhere probably reading this and every other related article as well as documentary and sure he was present at Gilbert’s funeral – even if just “passing by”…

  • Victoria says:

    Does anyone know if any of the victims worked in strip clubs at some point? Areas in Horsham, Atlantic City, or Clifton? Were they all dismembered especially breasts?

  • Victoria says:

    It was chilling to me when I read about the taunting phone call to one of the victims sisters. I was told regarding my daughter “she’s going to be a whore just like her mother”. He also said if he killed me he would cut me up in small prices and no one would find my body but that he would keep my breasts. He frequented strip clubs and formerly lived in PA and New York. He would frequently go back there. He keeps has nothing in his name but carried on as a player. Also had at least 5-6 diff email addresses.

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