Gilgo Beach Killer is Forensically Aware

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According to people familiar with the case, the unsub who left bodies on and near Gilgo Beach has shown significant forensic awareness and sophisticated understanding of police techniques.

A series of taunting phone calls was made to the teenaged sister of one of the victims. These calls, which police suspect were made by the offender, were made from extremely crowded places in New York City, such as Madison Square Garden and Times Square.

As a result, picking the offender out on the video from surveillance cameras was basically impossible.

He also kept the calls under three minutes. By keeping the calls short, the NYPD was unable to pinpoint the caller’s location and find him. They were trying to do so during the call on at least four occasions.

There are also reports that he used disposable cellphones to contact the four prostitutes who have been identified. This would make it impossible to track back to the unsub through these contacts.

Some investigators say the offender could be in law enforcement himself, either currently or in the past.

Or, he might just read a lot of true crime.


  • Linda says:

    Alan Placa is Joseph Brewer’s neighbor. A former priest who now works for Rudy Guiliani and who was accused of sexually abusing children in the past.

    See below.

    “A 2003 Long Island grand jury report accuses Placa of sexually abusing children and helping “cover up the sexual abuse of children by other priests” He “was part of a three-person team that handled allegations of abuse by clergy for the Diocese of Rockville Centre” that “resulted in the prevention, hindrance and delay in the discovery of criminal conduct by priests.” In 2002, Placa’s bishop suspended him from active ministry. He’s been on the payroll of Giuliani Partners since then.

    Giuliani and Placa are boyhood friends and have remained close throughout their adult lives.”

    It seems to me he would know about police techniques.

  • bs says:

    I agree Linda, I think Placa should be questioned. I’m afraid these murders have been going on for a long time.

    • Brian Combs says:

      I don’t really know much about Placa, but from what little I’ve read, questioning him wouldn’t be a bad idea.

      However, the victimology information we have on Gilgo Beach, although limited, certainly suggests a prostitute killer, not a pedophile. I suppose you could have an unsub who targets both, but that’s a fairly far ranging Ideal Victim Type.

      The remains of the child that were found might be connected, but that hasn’t even been ruled a homicide (at this time).

  • Tms says:

    Why was this person seen with three of the victims

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