One Gilgo Beach Victim is Male

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The New York Daily News is reporting that one of the bodies found on Long Island is a man. The remains, which are unidentified, were found near those of a woman and a toddler.

Near doesn’t mean they were dumped at the same time, however. A cluster can have multiple bodies placed in close proximity at different times.

Still, the discovery of male remains is a marked change in victimology.

The remains of a child is easier to explain under the presumed model of a prostitute killer. Perhaps one of the female victims was some sort of transient other than a prostitute, and had a child with her, who had to be eliminated as a witness?

That sort of scenario seems less likely with an adult male victim. That’s a higher risk target, and prostitute killers tend to be cowardly bullies.

Perhaps it’s a victim of a different killer? Or maybe it’s the same killer, but an unrelated victimology.

We don’t even know for sure that this is the work of a prostitute killer. So far, only four of the ten victims have been identified as prostitutes.

Donald Gaskins committed what he called Serious Murders and Coastal Kills. Coastal Kills were murders he committed only for pleasure. Serious Murders were for personal reasons.

And in either case, he would kill both women and men.

Until an identification is made, we won’t know what the connection, if any, might be. But with an ID, investigators are going to learn a great deal about this killer.

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  • Christie says:

    Well done! When I read the title with a’ male victim’ after reading the others…… all those scenarios you just wrote were flying through my head! Would be interesting to know the final outcome but that could take forever! đŸ™‚

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