Derrick Todd Lee Seeks New Trial

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Attorneys for Derrick Todd Lee claim he should be retried for the 2004 conviction in the murder of Charlotte Murray Pace in 2002. Gary Clements of the Capital Post-Conviction Project of Louisiana says that Lee’s court appointed trial lawyers were underfunded and ineffective.

Clements’ 274-page petition also accuses prosecutors of misconduct, saying they challenged qualified prospective black jurors improperly.

Lee is on death row for the murder.


  • Ann Pace says:

    The defense attorneys have hijacked the system to their own ends. They do not care the cost in money or misery, they seek to avoid a legal remedy in a DNA case twice upheld by the US Supreme Court already.
    For Murray Pace
    I see you still in thoughts and dreams. What I wish you could know is that I’ll never let go of that ribbon of time that stretches from your hand all the way to mine.
    I will seek justice for her if it takes the rest of my life.

  • Tammy Warner says:

    Some people will do anything for a dime!
    Defense attorney-s sell your soul to the devil
    if they are really interested in Derrick Todd Lee and justice for him
    they should walk into his cell and waste a bullet right between his eyes
    that way, justice would be served to the people who really deserve it.
    hope they dont have daughters, wives, moms who could easily been a victim
    of that f@%# monster

  • Michael says:

    Derricks Todd Lee is a sick perverted monster.
    He should not get a free trial,because he is a danger to the public.
    People like him always play the race card,which is no surprise because when they get convicted they can always say it was because there weren’t enough blacks on the jury.
    They were discriminated against ETC.
    Look at OJ Simpson.His lawyers played the race card perfectly and he got away with two murders.
    Then he robs others but didn’t get so lucky the second time.
    He and his lawyers tried the race card again but thankfully the jury didn’t buy it this time.
    Derricks Todd Lee is trying the same mms e strategy and I hope to God he and his lawyers fail.
    When a dog bites someone they put it down.
    The same should be done to Derrick Told Lee.
    Sadly he will be spared the death penalty,but he should not get a new trial because of the color of his skin.
    He need to rot in prison.

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