NYT Profile of Gilgo Beach Serial Killer

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The New York Times has released a profile of the Gilgo Beach Serial Killer:

He is most likely a white male in his mid-20s to mid-40s. He is married or has a girlfriend. He is well educated and well spoken. He is financially secure, has a job and owns an expensive car or truck. He may have sought treatment at a hospital for poison ivy infection. As part of his job or interests, he has access to, or a stockpile of, burlap sacks.

And he lives or used to live on or near Ocean Parkway on the South Shore of Long Island, where the police have found as many as 10 sets of human remains.

This profile is apparently based upon interviews the Times made with criminologists, including one former FBI profiler. I don’t see any problems with this profile, but people should realize that it is based upon very limited information.

The police are not releasing a lot of information on this case. This is standard procedure in serial murder cases, which tend to have a large number of false confessions.

By having information that only they and the true killer know, investigators can quickly eliminate the pretenders.

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