William Inmon Denied Competency Hearing

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William Inmon

William Inmon confessed to killing Ricky Flores, William “Stoney” McCarragher, and Daniel Acten. He is one of the United States’ youngest serial killers at only 21 years old.

The confession was part of a plea agreement: if Inmon provided evidence on one of the murders that allowed police to find the body, the state would not seek the death penalty.

Inmon admitted to shooting 72-year-old McCarragher through a window after McCarragher made a pass at him. He then went in to finish him off.

Inmon claimed 60-year-old Achten killed his dog and used drugs, so Inmon shot him, burned the body, and buried him in a shallow grave on his own property.

Last, Inmon claims he murdered 16-year-old Ricky Flores because Flores wouldn’t get off drugs. There’s some evidence, however, that this murder may have been solicited by the father of Flores’ pregnant girlfriend.

Bruce Griffen, Inmon’s lawyer, filed a motion for a Rule 11 competency hearing. The motion was denied by the judge.

Griffen then filed a motion to withdraw the plea agreement. County attorney Michael Whiting plans to oppose the motion, and doesn’t expect it to be granted. Griffen would have to prove “manifest injustice” for it to be granted.

If it is granted, a trial would set and the death penalty would be back on the table. If it’s not granted, the case will move to sentencing. Inmon could receive anywhere from 25 years to three consecutive life terms with no chance of parole.

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