Victims of Dana Sue Gray

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Norma Davis
Although Dana Sue Gray was not convicted of killed 86-year-old Norma, she is believed to be Gray’s first victim. Norma was found on February 16, 1994 by a neighbor after she had been dead for two days. She had knives sticking out of her neck and her chest. An autopsy showed she had been stabbed eleven times, as well as strangled.

June Roberts
June, 66, was Killed by Gray on February 28, 1994. Gray had visited June at the home in her gated community. She claimed she wanted to borrow a book about controlling drinking. While June searched for the book, Gray unplugged her phone, and used the curly cord to strangle her. When June was dead, Gray stole two credit cards and went on a shopping spree at an upscale shopping center.

Dorinda Hawkins
A few days later, 57-year-old Dorinda was working alone in an antique store. Gray entered the store to purchase a picture frame. Instead, she strangled Dorinda with a telephone cord. Gray took a small amount of cash and a credit card, and went on another shopping spree.

Dorinda survived the attack and was able to give a description of her attacker.

Dora Beebe
Gray killed 87-year-old Dora on March 16, 1994. Dora had just come home from a doctor’s appointment, and Gray knocked on her door asking for directions. After being invited in to look at a map, Gray attacked Dora and killed her. Dora was discovered a few hours later by her boyfriend. Again, Gray stole a credit card and went on a shopping spree.

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