Victims of Robert Black

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Although he was linked to almost 11 other crimes, he was finally put in prison for the murders of these three young girls. Here are a few pieces of information that we have gathered about them.

Sarah Harper
A resident of Morley, Leeds, Sarah was 10 years old when Black abducted and killed her on March 26, 1986. Her body was found on the River Trent on April 19, 1986.

Caroline Hogg
Caroline was abducted and killed on July 8, 1983. Her body was discovered July 18, 1983 in Twycross, Leichestershire, 300 miles from her hometown of Portobello, Edinburgh. She was 5 years old.

Susan Maxwell
Susan, 11, was abducted from their family’s Cornhill on Tweed farmhouse on July 1982. Her body turned up two weeks later in the Midlands.

Update 2011/10/28: Black has now been convicted for the murder of Jennifer Cardy. She disappeared while riding her bicycle on August 12, 1981. He body was found six days later.

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