Joseph Naso: I will go broke unless I represent myself

on May 6, 2011 in Serial Killers by

Accused serial killer Joseph Naso is worth about one million dollars, say prosecutors, so he is ineligible for public assistance in his defense. But unless he defends himself, says Naso, he will run out of financial resources before the trial is over.

Naso was in court Thursday to discuss his representation. The judge spent about forty minutes explaining his rights.

Naso says he wants control over the defense:

I have some questions as to why I’m sitting in this courtroom, why I was arrested and why I am charged with these crimes.

I’m willing to take the responsibility of representing myself so I can be clued in first on what the issues are, what the discovery is and what I can expect … from the adversaries against me.

None of this should be surprising. One of the common symptoms of psychopathy is extreme narcissism. Naso likely feels that no one can do as good a job on his defense as he can.

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