Ivan Milat and a Failed Hunger Strike

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Ivan Milat, imprisoned for life at Goulburn Correctional Centre in Australia, wants a Sony Playstation. Real badly.

So badly, in fact, that he went on a hunger strike to get one.

For nine days, he refused all food. His weight dropped from about 187 pounds to 132 pounds.

But he gave up before getting his Playstation.

This isn’t even his most serious protest. In 2009, he protested some perceived slight by cutting off a finger and mailing it to the High Court of Australia.

Said Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham:

There’s no inmate on my watch who would ever get anything close to a Playstation, particularly Australia’s worst serial killer.

I knew he’d start eating again because he likes his food too much. He can stage as many protests as he likes, but there’d be no point if he got one because he needs two hands to use it.

Prison staff monitored Milat during the strike. If he had collapsed, they were prepared to administer food intravenously.

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