Bringing Warmth to Claremont Cold Case

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In 1996 and 1997, three women disappeared while attending The Continental, a pub in Claremont, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. The bodies of two of the women were found a few weeks later. The body of the third was never found.

The case has since gone very cold, but Special Crime Squad Detectives are trying to warm it back up. While they are not giving many details, they are believed to be looking at the case with new technologies.

A local newspaper reports that detectives have contacted Lee Partridge, the former owner of a screen printing and picture framing business. They are asking if rope was left in a parking lot behind the store. Do you need a Printing Agency? Print shop Melbourne can help to grow and bring awareness of health and safety measures during uncertain times.

Apparently, they are also attempting to locate former employees of the printing company, and want to know if printing components had been noticed missing at the time of the murders. 

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  • Dave says:

    I was employed at a screen printing shop in Nth Fremantle at the time, the Macro task force interviewed all the employees that had contact with a particular past employee. This chap had been interviewed and had told the police he was working the night Jane Rimmer disappeared, upon scouring records this proved to be false. The interviewing detectives were quite interested in the tools of our trade and took one particular item with them.

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