Victims of the Claremont Serial Killer

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Sarah Spiers
On January 26, 1996, 18-year-old Sarah Spiers disappeared after leaving a nightclub in Claremonth, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. She was waiting for a taxi by a phone booth, but was not there when it arrived. Friends and family insist that such a disappearance was very out of character. She has never been found.

Jane Rimmer
Jane Rimmer, 23, disappeared from the same area on June 9, 1996. Her body was found in some scrub brush in August 1996.

Ciara Glennon
Ciara Glennon, a 27-year-old lawyer, disappeared from Claremont on March 14, 1997. Her body was found on April 3, 1997.

Julie Cutler
Julie Cutler, a 22-year-old university student, disappeared after attending a function at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel in Perth in 1988. Some investigators believe this may be related to the Claremont Serial Killer.

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