Reports: NYPD Cops Being Looked at for Gilgo Beach

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The New York Post is reporting that two NYPD cops are being investigated in connection with the Gilgo Beach serial murders. Previous reports suggested investigators thought a cop might be responsible due to the unsub’s knowledge of police procedures.

One of the cops under suspicion was forced to resign in the 1990’s when it was learned he was hiring prostitutes for sex while he was supposed to be on patrol. The other cop was stripped of his gun and badge some years ago for assaulting a prostitute. He still works for the NYPD but is not allowed to make arrests or respond to emergency calls.

It’s unknown whether the two officers are connected in any way, or even know each other.

Neither investigators nor prosecutors in Suffolk County would comment on this development.

I still think that everything we’ve heard about the unsub (or unsubs) doing so far could be learned by watching CIS, but it’s possible that something is being held back that might suggest more sophisticated forensic awareness.

Update: The NYPD on Sunday officially disputed that a currant and a former officer were under suspicion in the Gilgo Beach murders. Whether the initial reports are correct or not, you had to expect this.

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