Victims of Harvey Carignan

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Although suspected of many counts of rape and murders, only four cases garnered sufficient evidence pointing to Carignan as the perpetrator of these crimes. Below is some information on his victims.

Kathy Schultz
Kathy was abducted on September 20, 1974 while she was on her way to school. Hunters found her body the next day. She was 18 years old.

Eileen Hunely
Eileen and Carignan were in a relationship, though like Carignan’s previous relationships, theirs was about to end as Eileen expressed her intention to break up with Carignan before she disappeared on August 10 1974. Her body was found on September 18.

Jerri Billings
Jerri tried to hitchhike a ride with Carignan on September 3, 1973. He continuously sexually assaulted her with his hammer while forcing her to perform sexual acts. Unlike his other victims, Carignan released Jerri after he was done with her. The 13-year old found the experience too mortifying and kept it a secret for a very long time.

Gwen Burton
Gwen hitched a ride with Carignan on September 14, 1974. He also sexually assaulted her with his hammer and later attacked her with it. He disposed of her on a nearby field thinking she would die, but she was able to call for help and survived.

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