Michael Wayne McGray Charged with Killing Cellmate

on May 31, 2011 in Law Enforcement, Serial Killers by

Convicted serial killer Michael Wayne McGray has been formally charged by the RCMP with the murder of his cellmate, Jeremy Phillips, last November. A warrant used to search McGray’s cell, it appeared that Phillips had been beaten to death with a cat scratching post.

I don’t know why there was a cat scratching post in their cell. Does Canada allow pets in their maximum security prisons?

In a earlier television interview, McGray said he would kill again, even if he was in prison:

It’s like a craving or hunger… It’s something I have to do… It gets to a point where I just can’t control it anymore.

I want to go to an institution, a hospital somewhere for a while where I can get some treatment because if I don’t, just because I’m in prison doesn’t mean the killing’s going to stop.

The RCMP says they haven’t been in a hurry to charge McGray, because he’s not going anywhere. He is serving six concurrent life sentences.

I wonder if they’ve moved him to solitary, at least.

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