Search Resumes in Gilgo Beach Area

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State and local police return to a barrier island south of Long Island today to resume searching. Aerial photographs taken by the FBI have prompted the new search, but it has not been revealed what was seen in the photos.

The area being searched today is off the Robert Moses Causeway, and is just up the road from Ocean Parkway, where ten sets of human remains have already been discovered.


  • Tony says:

    So whats this guys motive,method, and profile? Do you think they are actually on his trail? Or maybe he’s enjoying the attention or not and wants to keep killing for as long as possible. I would imagine if that were the case he would take a break for a while. What are your thoughts?

    • Brian Combs says:

      As is usually the case, we’re not really getting enough information to put together a clear picture. But here’s what I believe we know…

      It does seem that there are multiple killers involved. One set of victims is prostitutes who have advertised their services on the internet, but the victimology of the rest is all over the place.

      That doesn’t prove it’s not a single unsub (Donald Gaskins’ victim profiles varied greatly, for instance), but IMHO, we should assume multiple unsubs until/unless there is evidence linking the crimes beyond proximity of dumping sites.

      Of the prostitute murders, it’s clear that investigators are looking at one or more current or former police officers. I never bought the “forensically aware” argument for this, but the reports that an NYPD officer was among the last people to contact Maureen Brainard-Barnes is certainly damning.

      On the other hand, they’ve been looking at this person or persons for some time now. Why hasn’t an arrest been made? One would assume either they’ve cleared the officers, or remain suspicious, but don’t have enough to arrest.

      As for what the unsub is doing right now, there are many possible scenarios…

      He may have stopped killing as things heated up. Dennis Rader certainly stopped killing for years. He missed the attention, started writing the police again, and got busted.

      Gary Ridgway either stopped killing, or greatly curtailed it. This seems to be because his third wife fed his psychological needs in such a way that the compulsion was at least reduced. He was eventually caught by a DNA saliva sample he had given years before. There were some indications that he was thinking of killing again as he was caught, but he had likely only killed once in the 90’s. Given the prolific rate of his killing prior to that, restraining himself to one kill is impressive.

      Zodiac and Jack the Ripper either stopped killing or were incarcerated for something else. The latter is certainly a possibility with the Gilgo Beach killer. He could easily be sitting in jail right now.

      There’s a theory that psychopathy is connected to emotional immaturity. Under this theory, a person can grow out of it. Not sure I buy that, but it’s an interesting theory, and psychopathy does present as a childlike emotional state, in many ways.

      While info was leaking out for a while, investigators seem to have slammed a lid on things. I’m not sure how much more we’re going to learn until/unless something breaks.

      • Nancy says:

        IN April, I faxed a tip,to the Nassau County Homicide Squad.My suspect, had so m, any markers, that it was effecting my ability to sleep or function.
        I reside in Suffolk. I have had a lot of difficulty getting SCPD to respond to any of my legitimate complaints.The reason,I have connected my some misdeeds with SCPD.I figured perhaps Nassau could help with this. I was forthright and upfront concerning my issues.
        They were very nice.I faxed 5 pages,have not heard back.
        Do you think they are working on this?would they have contacted me?

        • Brian Combs says:

          Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to tell what they’re working on. In this sort of case, the investigators are going to be overwhelmed with leads to check into. Most won’t go anywhere, but still take a lot of time.

          And, unless they need more information from you, I would not expect to hear back from them. Sorry.

  • Nancy says:

    I gave a lot of info.including his referring to our marital home as a mausoleum,threats to kill me and that a I have reason to believe that he robbed our dead neighbors estate.No.I am not delusional took me 20 years to believe what I saw and heard.

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