Victims of Daniel Blank

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Daniel Blank has been charged with the murders of six people. We currently have the data on all of his alleged victims.

Victor Rossi

41 years old Victor, from St. Amat, was beaten to death in his home October 17, 1996.

Barbara Bourgeois

Barbara, from Paulina, was stabbed to death at home on March 18, 1997. She lived approximately a quarter mile away from Blank’s home.

Lilian Phillipe

71 year old Lilian, from Gonzales, was stabbed to death in her home on April 9, 1997. According to records, Blank had bought car parts from the store Lilian’s husband had started.

Sam Arcuri

Sam, age 76, was bludgeoned to death by Blank in his LaPlace home with his wife on May 9, 1997.

Louella Arcuri

Louella was bludgeoned to death by Blank in her LaPlace home with her husband on May 9, 1997.

Joan Brock

Joan, age 55 from Reserve, was beaten to death in her LaPlace home on May 14, 1997. Blank had worked at Joan’s husband’s car repair shop.

Leonce Millet and Joyce Millet

Leonce and Joyce, both 66, were survivors of Blank’s attacks. They were beaten and shot inside Their Gonzales home. The couple were able to compose a sketch of Blank, leading to his arrest

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  • cristine cox says:

    Daniel Blank had a lost soul. We can only hope that there are no other victims that he isn’t confessing to. For a person to murder living human beings for the sake of earning money to gamble definitely has already robbed his self of a god loving world. The golden rule didnt apply to daniel because he spread let the devil take his soul. Always remember people, when the devil comes knocking, let Jesus open the door!!!????

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