Sentence Reversed for Faryion Wardrip

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The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday reversed a lower court ruling that ordered the State of Texas to either give Faryion Wardrip a new sentencing trial, or agree to giving him a life sentence. The case will now be sent back to the U.S. District Court for reconsideration.

Wardrip is on death row for the 1984 murder of 20-year-old Terry Sims in Wichita Falls. In 2008, a federal magistrate recommended that the death penalty be overturned because Wardrip received ineffective defense in his trial.

The U.S. Supreme Court in April reinstated the death penalty for a man in Los Angeles who had similar complaints about his attorneys. The Circuit Court ruling is certainly a result of this decision.

Wardrip is already serving three consecutive life sentences for other slayings.


  • crystal says:

    My most sincere sympathy goes to those beautiful young ladies and there families….., Is it just me or should this have been dealt with already? I mean come on were about talking the 80’s here…”that habeas corpus relief be conditionally granted in Wardrip’s death penalty case” it blows my mind completly.

  • Sandra says:

    I am disgusted with our corrupt system of “justice”. Monsters who commit these crimes have more rights than their victims and their families. It’s time to stop putting so much time and money into housing this creep. There are MANY more deserving people in our nation that could use the $45,000 each year that we are wasting on Wardrip and others like him.

    • Susan Love says:

      Actually it costs more to put someone to death than it does to warehouse them. Not that I don’t think he deserves it, but just wanted to get that fact out. Because a death sentence goes right to appeals, and a lot of them, and attorney’s have to be paid, and court time, and the extra security etc. it is much more expensive than life in prison. I know this because my ex-husband is an Assistant Attorney General. He is against the death penalty for this reason only.

      • Barbara Vogelman says:

        Susan it does cost more. But how much is a life worth? You see every Psychiatrist and all profilers have stated without a doubt. If put back in Gen Pop he would kill a woman. Not might…WILL kill a woman. She will be a petite woman under 5’2″, weighing under 110. She will do nothing more than look a way he doesn’t like and the monster WILL emerge. So ask yourself, WHY are NO women allowed to be in close proximity to him.
        So again I ask, HOW MUCH IS A LIFE WORTH?!!!

  • Patricia says:

    Is he DEAD yet?

    • Brian Combs says:

      No. He’s still alive and rotting in prison.

      It doesn’t appear that the prosecution has announced any plans to hold another sentencing trial, so it seems they’re going to go with life in prison.

      • Barbara Vogelman says:

        We are waiting on the Supreme Court to rule on Trevino. Then they will decide on his case AGAIN!! Then he has one last appeal to the US Supreme Court. I am hoping for an EXECUTION date within 2 years. That will be 30 years since Toni’s murder and 31 since Terry Sims. It is DISGUSTING!! Too bad his victims didn’t get 30 years to appeal their fate! Plus having dental work is more painful than what he faces. It is the same as going under for surgery!!

      • Barbara Vogelman says:

        I will NEVER allow him off Death Row!!

  • Cheryl Clark says:

    I worked with Toni at Wichita General Hospital when all of this was going on. I have had terrible survivors guilt as Faryion stalked me too, harrassed me via phone and came to my home. If it weren’t for God’s orchestration on events during that time I too would be listed with the victims. He stalked me for over 18mos, and I can not believe that they overturned this monsters death sentence!!

    • William says:

      Hi, you are indeed fortunate. I just read a book on this guy, and I get so angry when I see him blaming the drugs and his anger for doing what he did.
      I guarantee you, this guy feels only for himself, and does not have a speck of concern for any of his victims. He would do it again in a heartbeat if he felt he could get away with it, and he can leave a victim behind like you would leave half a sandwich. Guys like him will never tell the whole truth, unless it serves them. Also, don’t feel bad for surviving this guy. They are very clever at hiding who they really are. I hope your life is going well, Bill

    • Carrie says:

      I too worked with Toni. We were making plans to go out the Tuesday after her disappearance. Unbelievable Farion doesn’t have to pay the supreme price Toni did… After all these years… I still miss her…

  • dB says:

    Wow. I had no idea that was even still going on. I knew two of the girls that he killed. I can’t believe he only served 11 years of his 35 yr sentence for killing Tina Kimbrew but to even consider having to go through any additional ‘reconsideration’ is appalling. Shameful.

  • William says:

    Typical of these guys. Blames everyone else and feels sorry only for himself. He claimed he just wanted to die and get it over with, but of course he is now trying to save his sorry ass. He will spend 23 hours a day in a cell for the rest of his days, if he escapes death. Which is worse?

    • t. wageman says:

      he didnt want to die hes a spineless punk if he wanted to die why didnt he just save us all the trouble and do it in galveston instead of calling the cops crying

  • Paul says:

    the women who lived in the Wichita Falls Texas area in the mid-1980’s owe a great debt of appreciation to the officers who took this ‘man’ off the streets after the first murder that he was convicted for. If left on the streets, there may have been several more victims.

    there was a killer named Shawcross in Rochester NY, who was imprisoned for a period, then paroled, and then resumed killing after his release.

    my heart goes out to all those families involved in this affair.

  • t. wageman says:

    ok i have to agree with bryce . you see i grew up with bryce as my best friend and farion his brother was always around . and i hve talked to bryce a few times .i believe on top of all of theses horrible murders he committed he also hastened his fathers death by putting him through all he did again . and though it doesnt look like he will be he needs to be put to odeath and quit wasting taxpayers money .. our parents treated all of us very well growing up so this crap of him being mistreated as a child pisses me off . because we pretty much had anythin g within reason we wanted . and farion still felt like he had the right to take another humans life .thats bull@#$%# anyway i just ran across this article and needed to vent

  • Barbara Vogelman says:

    My name is Barbara Vogelman and Toni was my best and LAST friend. She was the sweetest kindest woman you would ever meet. I know everyone says that, but she really was. I never knew her parents were VERY WEALTHY. She never put on airs. She was sweet and down to Earth. We met after she found out I was dating her ex. Needless to say the relationship ended but the friendship grew. We went everywhere together. Her last night out was with me. She was the ONLY daughter of older parents. She had 2 brothers but her mom ALWAYS dreamed of having a girl. She called Toni her Valentine Gift from God. She was born on Valentine’s Day. Her body was discovered February 15th, 1985. She went missing January 20,1985. Toni died a HORRIFIC death. He somehow managed to get in her car. I know she would NEVER have offered him a ride. Someone had been stalking her and stealing from her apartment. He took her to a field and drug her to a rusted out, abandoned, school bus. He then ripped her clothes from her body, he stabbed her once on each side, and once in the chest breaking her sternum. He brutally sodomized her. As she cried and BEGGED God to help her, he responded, “Where is your God now Bit$^%!!” She continued to cry and beg him to please please stop, so he cut her spine in half. He left her alive, but mortally wounded. She took her poor battered body and drug her lifeless legs trying to reach the road for help. When she realized she would never make it. She turned on her back and looked up at the skies. Her lungs slowly filling with blood. She was a nurse. She knew what was happening. You see she didn’t die from the stab wounds. She died from drowning on her own blood. Her lungs slowly filled with blood until she chocked to death. It is a very slow painful death. Toni’s mother died from cancer 2 years after her death. Everyone knew it was from grief. Her brother has suffered depression ever since. Her other brother ended up divorced and remarrying multiple times. No family member was left untouched. Her dad lost her, and then her mom. He never fully recovered. I didn’t step foot in a church for 20 years. I have tried repeatedly to have a one on one face to face meeting with him. The DA has placed a BAN on my being anywhere near him. I finally asked WHAT the heck he was so afraid of? I told him I am not afraid to be alone with him. He told me it is NOT my safety he fears for, it is his, SMART DA! I wish they would overturn his conviction and release him. I will gladly send him to the place he so rightly deserves to be. I know I will have to be fast. Bryce,his brother, wants him first. Just overturn that conviction and let this Petite Blonde give him the send off he so RIGHTLY deserves. His other victims, Tina Kimbrew. Her parents were told neither one could EVER have children. THEN they had Tina. Her mother was in the hospital recovering from back surgery when she was killed. They never had other children. Terry Sims came from a broken home. But she was the leader. She was the inspiration for everyone in her family. She was a mentor and friend to younger siblings. Her mother never recovered. Her grandmother died shortly after her death. Ellen Blau was the only daughter of wealthy parents. They could not even see her body. It was left in a field for months. She was too decayed to see. Her parents passed a few years later. They never recovered. The last victim was Debra Taylor. She was murdered and her husband lived under a cloud of suspicion for years. It DESTROYED his life. He lost his business, his home, his children, and fell into bouts of deep depression. He was forever labeled a killer. UNTIL this scumbag confessed. By the time he confessed, Debra’s husband had lost everything, including his health. He had suffered major health issues brought on by the cloud of suspicion he had lived under for years. Every person connected to the victims lives were forever changed. NONE of us will ever be the same. When I think of all the RIGHTS he has I want to PUKE! WHERE were the RIGHTS when he was brutally murdering these tiny women. You see Toni was 5′ and 90 lbs soaking wet. He was 6’5″ and 220 lbs. She never had a chance. EVERY one of his victims was tiny and petite. They had no chance against this homicidal maniac. It is time to protect the victims, not the criminals. So you know what go ahead and overturn that conviction. I have the send off of a lifetime waiting for him. Toni has a beautiful 18 year old girl named after her. Her mother gave me permission to name my daughter after her. She had left many notes about me in her bible. You see Toni and I were different from most girls back then. We were both raised by older parents. We didn’t sleep around, do drugs, or drive drunk. We took turns drinking. This was before anyone ever heard of a designated driver. We loved to dance, but we ALWAYS went home alone. RARE for the time period. My Toni is SO MUCH like her namesake. She is smart, funny, BEAUTIFUL, has a heart of gold, and is SUPER sweet to everyone. I see so much of my friend in her. It is sad. After all 3 of my babies were born I asked for a phone to call Toni. I was drugged and wanted her to know. You see he didn’t just kill her, he destroyed lives for GENERATIONS to come. So when you think of him, think of his victims. THEY deserve to be remembered as more than the victims of a serial killer who beat the system.

    • Margo says:

      Barbara, I just watch a Forensics show regarding the murders committed by Faryion. After searching whether he had been executed, I saw the comments posted about him and his horrific crimes. Your comment really stood out. You should write a book. There is so much corruption in our justice system. Because there is no question Faryion was the perpetrator of the 5 murders he’s attributed to committing, there should have never been additional appeals , let alone a reversal of the verdict. The wake of tragedy, pain and suffering that resulted from Faryion’s diabolical acts is heartbreaking.
      Even if justice isn’t served in this life, it will be in the next life by God who is a perfect judge. Eternity will be a very long time for Faryion to suffer for the pain he cause to each of those beautiful young women, their families, friends and all who have been affected. May you be blessed for your efforts to bring greater attention to this case.
      May the Lord provide you all peace.

      • Lerhit says:

        Please don’t encourage Barbara to write a book. Don’t encourage sympathy seekers in general. Barbara basically has sad attention envy and I see it all the time in sites like this. How alike and special the victim was and how alike the author is to the victim. Quite obvious to me. It’s sick to harvest the sympothy of friends/victims in this manner. It’s not possible for you to understand the fear the victim felt so don’t try to illustrate it. It would be like me trying to explain the emotions you feel during war action. I hope Barbara doesn’t use what happened to the victim to explain problems in her life. Move on Barbara and get ur own crime.

    • PieCatLady says:

      Heartrending – the misery, utter devastation of lives and families, caused by Wardrip. You’ve given us insight into Toni’s life and character. She’s not just a face among other victims, I pray you find peace and renewed faith in the Lord in spite of such great loss. Naming your beloved daughter after Toni ensures that she will always be a part of your life and your family. May God bless and keep you.

    • Georgiann Quinn says:

      Thank you for sharing the story of the loss of your best friend. How blessed each of you were to grow up together. To make such wise decisions together and create memories. Giving insight into the lives of his other victims and their families. Your letter was more poignant than any other that I had read in recent years. You need to share this story.

    • MARY PARISH says:

      Well, Barbara, I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear friend, dear Toni, your story broke my heart. Your loss and the loss of all of the ladie’s friends and families is Tragic. I lost my 25 yr old friend to a heart attack 37 years ago and it seems like 37 days ago. We’ll see our beloved friends again someday, we cant change how they died, so we need to remember all the laughs and fun, right?

    • Glenda says:

      My husband and I have just watched an episode of Forensic Files about this “man” and his victims. I could not believe it when I saw he was still alive as of 2017. Those poor women did not have a chance. Then he got religion…and that makes it O.K.? I am so sorry for all the victims of this sick person.

    • Jane fromherz says:

      I can see in your letter the love you have for this beautiful woman. God Bless You.

  • chrstnv1987 says:

    Short & sweet and directly to the point…there’s eyewitness testimony in these comments…people who knew the victims PERSONALLY…get it PERSONALLY…therefore their word is as good as God’s to me in this story…Stop all the b**sh*t and execute this trash NOW!!!..His victims haven’t been living for over 25 yrs like he has

    • Bill says:

      The real problem is, Faryion Wardrips are being cultivated all the time.
      A child that is cruel to animals, lights fires, and shows no empathy or compassion for other human beings, is a potential Faryion Wardrip.
      The real question is, how to weed them out. Virtually impossible I think.
      Killing guys like Ted Bundy does not really solve the problem, but it does get rid of someone who is very dangerous, and who cannot be fixed.
      Is there a more appropriate punishment than rotting in a federal prison for decades? I honestly don’t know.
      I am not sure that killing killers is the right answer. Too much potential for mistakes.
      I, like most normal thinking humans, am disgusted by the behaviour of these guys, who prey on trusting victims for no other reason than the pleasure they get.
      And yes, there is a part of me that would like to watch him squirm as he is led to the gurney, maybe watch him beg for his life, as his victims must have.
      Lastly, thank your god that we have the ability to catch these guys, and at least remove them from society. Filling our hearts with hatred, and thoughts of revenge, only gives him the power.

      Sincerely, Bill W.

      • Barbara Vogelman says:

        Bill, I understand where you coming from. BUT, psychopaths like the one in question has been examined extensively. Their conclussion was that he could NEVER be trusted even in a MAXIMUM Security facility. IF any guard were small and petite, he would, not might, WOULD attack and attempt to kill her. They concluded he was one of the most EVIL psychopath they had ever interviewed. THESE were HIS psychologists, hired by HIS defense team. So please don’t ask me to feel bad that we want him executed. It is the ONLY way to ensure safety for the women in this world. Please do your research BEFORE you think he is worth saving. This isn’t about revenge, it is about Women’s safety!!

  • Bonnie Arsenault says:

    I just finished reading the book “Body Hunter” What the f…. is going on in Texas? That animal show have been put to a permanent sleep a long time ago? Are the justice system in Texas ALL as nuts as this monster

  • shelly says:

    I knew Tina when she lived in Odessa. I came across my old pics of her when packing to move. We loved to go out together and I have good memories of her and going to see her at her mothers’ house in Odessa. We met at a restaurant where we both worked. I wrote letters to her when she moved to Witchita Falls, some delivered after she was dead, not knowing about the murder. I finally gave up and called after no responses and remember speaking with a family member. The news hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to go home from work. Just looking at these pictures brings back a nice feeling, then a pit of the stomach punch.

  • Lisa Owens says:

    From all the genealogy my family has done, we are most likely somehow related to this monster. Not bragging, I just don’t understand how all of my family has some sort of mental problems, & much abuse. Having said that, he is the only one, I’ve heard that has killed someone. I wonder what genes has to do with this type of behaviour, at times. Yet, even knowing some horrible family memembers, some I want no part of, even they wouldn’t do such monsterous things. I honestly can’t understand what these people think & why they do the things they. I feel so sorry for all the family of all the victims. But, L, also feel sorry for his famiy. I doubt they were perfect, none are. I’m sure that from what I’ve heard, they did the very best that they could. And, it sickens me that his family, has wen throght so much garbage. Sadly, his family & children will forever be known as a killers’ family. It’s as sad for them, if not a bit more for the victims, because I’m sure they loved him & wanted only what was best for them. Yet, he turned out ot be such a horrible. person, I fear his parents felt somehow responsible for what he became. To think that, hurts me, because no one knows how our children will turn out. I heard his dad died a few years ago, one can only guess that al this played a huge part in his death. Having said all this, please don’t think I don’t care for the victims, I do. I just feel sick for his family. all the hopes & dreams they had for him were totally lost.

  • Wayne C says:

    One point that the Appeals courts miss….this idiot pled GUILTY. Ineffective counsel? I think not

    • Barbara Vogelman says:

      The case is before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. IF we are granted an execution date it won’t be before the 30th, yes I said THIRTY Anniversary of Toni’s BRUTAL murder.

    • Gerald M says:

      Exactly. He confesses to the crimes, DNA and fingerprint evidence make it irrefutable, what is this garbage about “ineffective counsel?” The death sentence is meant for monsters like this, he should have been put to death before the next sunrise. We seek justice, and we get thwarted by this sick joke called the legal system.

  • Alissa says:

    I just started researching this case, but it is a perfect example of a serious flaw in our justice system in regards to the public’s safety. They convicted him after the first horrible murder, then they released him back into society. I really do not understand why this happens. Honesty, this was predictable to anyone with a brain. Stop releasing brutal murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc. Back into society! They need to be locked away forever. It shocks me every time they release one of these monsters. It sounds disrespectful to say due to the seriousness of the situation, but what did that parole board think was going to happen?!? 35 years was not enough, but he should have been behind bars for every last one of them. I am not a supporter of the death penalty, mostly because I strongly believe it is a far worse fate to have to live out a full lifetime in the hell that is a maximum security prison, but this idoit is having the last laugh by playing with the justice system. Kill him, lock him up in a hole, either way…but stop giving him so much attention.!

  • Susan Love says:

    They have been working on getting rid of the abuse in the appeals process. It is obviously over-used. I personally do not believe in the death penalty, but do believe that when a sentence has been passed it should be executed regardless of what that sentence is. Texas is weeding out needless appeals and hopefully others will follow. There is no rehabilitation for people like this. They take up space and that’s about it. The death penalty incurs too much expense. Put these animals in a super-max and forget about them. Maybe leave them free to roam without supervision and they will take care of the problem themselves.

  • Susan Mueller says:

    For anyone who doesn’t know, while Wardrip was serving his 35 year sentence for confessing to the brutal murder of Tina Kimbrew, he conned Tina’s parents into participating in the victim/offender mediation program. He looked Robert and Elaine square in their faces and lied about how he “accidentally, in a drug-filled rage” killed their daughter. He claimed to have found Jesus, and used that to con Elaine into keeping in touch with him through religious correspondence. All the while, the 4 other women he raped and murdered, he’s not saying jack shit about them! He walked out of prison, thinking he’d gotten away with murdering Terry Sims, Toni Gibbs, Ellen Blau and Debra Taylor, and if it hadn’t been for John Little, he might never have been caught. This guy is a sociopath. Someone on an earlier comment mentioned ALL the lives that have been destroyed by this monsters selfish actions, and I could not agree more! I firmly and absolutely believe he killed more than these five women. I believe the law knows it too, they just can’t prove it. I pray for each and every family member and friend of all five of these women. I also pray for the Wardrip family. Tina, Terry, Toni, Ellen, Debra …. five human beings who have waited far too long for justice.

    • Douglas says:

      I have never believed his “I was on drugs” excuse. He lived by Ellen Blough’s friends. Soooo he’ll tell you he just “happened” to walk up on her at that store? NO he was stalking everyone of them. Strap him down and lets get this over with.

  • Charles Lee says:

    The death penalty itself does not incur too much expense. This is a myth perpetuated by both the greedy lawyers who have a vested interest in sustaining a process which places obstacles in the way of justice being served and the following they gladly foster as opponents to the death penalty. They are the actual cause of the expense in trying to find justice in a death penalty case today. The expense of the death penalty itself is a pittance compared to the expense of incarceration. These people have no compassion for the victims and their families. A death sentence should mean a death sentence. Life imprisonment should mean life imprisonment. This is true justice. Expenses would plunge if this were so.

  • Barbara Vogelman says:

    It has been almost 29 years. I am sick to death of appeals and lying sob stiries from this scumbag. I hid for MONTHS in the trolley car he murdered Toni in. I had a gun and I was going to kill whiever murdered my best and LAST friend. Hus victims continue to pile up. We are the ORIGINAL Walking Dead. Because of him a HUGE part of us is FOREVER gone. The victims include his family. I pray for them often. He can never be put in general populatiin because all the experts kniw he WILL kill a female guard. It is either Death …or let him go. My justice will be swift. He has NO soul and belongs in hell. He made me tough, hard, and willing to kill to protect those I love. For that, I am grateful. I promised Toni I would see her murderer pay. I ALWAYS keep ky promises. Si if you kniw him, let him know, I’m ready and waiting. While I may fear the manner of my death, somewhat. I do NOT fear where I am going. Write ther judges, senators, Attorney General Gregg Abbott, and Governor Perry. Let them know, time has come for justice. NITHING he could EVER do will make amends for his crimes. EXECUTE HIM.

    • Ann Elzabeth says:

      Hi Barbara,
      I just saw the Cold Case Files episode with this killer. It makes me I’ll thst he was able to get away with multiple murders without paying the price. I am heartsick over your loss of your friend Toni. I hope you have found some peace.

    • Lisa Owens says:

      Barbara, I have no idea how you feel. I’m not going to even pretend I do. Reading all that you’ve written worries me. I’m sure I’d still be angry if I were going through what you have. But, the hate surely can’t be good for you. I’m not saying you should forgive or anything. Just that if you continue to hate, I fear you’ll never have any kind of peace or happiness in your life. I won’t even pretend to know how your friend would feel if she knew of your hate. Though, from all I’ve heard she was a good person. I think she’d want you to find some happiness & peace. Hating this horrible person isn’t really affecting him. If anything, he’d probably he glad you still hate him, because, it’s some form of attention. To people like this any attention is better than none. And, he’s probably happy you feel so horrible. That’s another kick they get out of their crimes. I’m so sorry for your loss and for everyone else involved. It’s sad that it doesn’t seem to end, what with him still being alive. But, if he were dead, sadly it can’t bring anyone of those poor girls back. Or, to have not caused all the horror and grief he’s caused. I hope one day you & all affected will finally get peace.

  • Douglas says:

    I live in Wichita Falls. I was here when all of this happened. Don’t listen to the crap that comes out of Wardrips mouth. He blames drugs but when you look at the cases individually, he was stalking these women. Drugs had nothing to do with it. He is a liar and a manipulator. How someone can slaughter five people in cold blood and sit on death row from 1999 until now without getting the needle is beyond me.

  • Vickie Sims Holmes says:

    Terry Sims is my sister. We are only 13 months apart. Dec 21 this year will be 30 yrs since she was murdered. She did not do drugs and would do anything to help anyone she could. She was in pre-med. studing to be a doctor. She wanted to work with child. Had she lifed I could only image how many children she could have helped, and yet he is still dragging this out. It is not right, at this point it does not matter,life or death. He will never get out of prison and one day he will have to answer to god. He has nor remorse for his actions only that he got caught. I just want it to be over. not right for him to have more rights than his victims

    • Susan Mueller says:

      Vickie Sims,I know there are no words that can bring any comfort to you, but I am so sorry for what you and your family have gone through because of this monster!My heart is with your family, and the families of Tina, Toni, Ellen and Debra.It’s a disgrace how he’s been able to work the system in his favor all the years ….. but one way or another, he will pay for all the lives he took.Bless you & your family.

    • Lisa Bishop says:

      Vickie Sims, I worked with you years ago at Texaco, I’m so sorry this has been dragged up again. I think of you often and hope this man gets put to death very soon, so maybe you can have some peace. You are always in my prayers.

    • P Roumel says:

      I’m so so sorry for your loss Vickie. I cannot fathom the pain of losing a sister this way. I was on YouTube when I saw a video on the case. When it was over, I was so angered that I goggled to find out if the POS was ever going to be released. Even though I don’t live close, I thought I have to be there to protest any parole hearing, I don’t care how far I have to drive. I understand that men are physically bigger than women, but the fact that it’s mostly women who are raped and murdered is sick. Women need to support women because a man cannot imagine what it’s like for us to have to be cautious everyday of our lives because a man may want to rape and/or kill us. I believe that I read the psychopath is in prison for life. it would be nice for him to get death because I would dance outside the prison while he died. Again, your sister was a beautiful woman and looked like a kind soul. May her memory be eternal. May the memories of all the women murdered be eternal.

  • I just learned of these sickening murder’s that took place from watching forensic files.. My heart goes out to those of you that’s life was taken by such wrong doing..I know for a fact that I would not have the strength to cope!..

  • Dan says:

    relax everyone,
    sentenced was oveturned by higher court. He’s back on death row.

    • Lisa says:

      So, he will get the death penalty then? This needs to be finished once and for all! I can’t imagine how the families feel. This has to just keep them in constant turmoil.

  • DEBRA says:


  • Stephen Short says:

    This man and others like him should never be released into society. He killed in cold blood the first time and should have been locked up till he died or executed. Instead he was released in eleven years by a bunch of people who are crazier than he is. What should happen is when these crazies let someone like this animal out and they kill again. They should have to take his place. There’s no accountability and they are not affected by their actions. But, a lot of innocent families are. If we start locking these animals up and throwing away the key or frying their dingleberries we”ll have a lot less of this. But, I guess as long as we have a bunch of educated idiot brain dead liberals in this country this will keep happening.

    • Susan Mueller says:

      Stephen Short, you nailed it! The sentence he was given for murdering Tina Kimbrew was a damn joke! Then he played the system to get early parole, all the while he kept quiet about the other 4 women he murdered, whose cases were still unsolved. This whole thing is a disgrace! Tina, Toni, Terry, Ellen & Debra have all waited over 30 years for justice, and that’s too long! He deserves to die for what he’s done, and the sooner the better!

  • Arthur says:

    Faryion “Loser” Wardrip!!!

  • Sandra says:

    We have death by lethal injection, he’s earned it. If you do it in a fit of rage it won’t be so bad.

  • Mike says:

    This guy confessed. What is the question of his guilt? Why is he allowed to claim any impropriety in his defense? How has our legal system gotten so complex that innocent people are executed and the guilty go free? Really a great country we live in.

  • hajduke says:

    I have seen this brutal case in german television. They should not just kill him, they should torture him to death. Burn that piece of crap.

  • Vivian Fowler says:

    I just viewed this case on “Unsolved Mysteries”, with Dennis Farina. It is an abomination for this man to be still alive when his victims don’t have that luxury.

    As a rule, I do not believe in the death penalty, but in the case of this monster, he should have been executed within a month or two of conviction.

  • Malcolm McKay says:

    I’ve read all the comments and I consider he’s dying every day.

    The system is spending too much money on him with appeals and other legal devices.

    The best penalty is let him rot in jail. Twenty-Three hours each day until he dies one day for real. He didn’t get away with any of the murders he was convicted of.

    Wonder if there are any more deaths attributed to him that he hasn’t confessed to?

  • Souraya says:

    @Barbara, first let me say that my heart hurts for you. I can’t even imagine that kind of pain. I would like to know though how you knew what they last said to each other. Did this killer reveal that? I hadn’t heard this before now.

  • Debra says:

    Its best to let him rot and suffer in prison. Killing him is the easy way out. Let the evil bastard suffer.

  • Barbara Vogelman says:

    He actually has come to love prison. And is certain he will be removed to GP.

  • Douglas Boyd says:

    Something the news media and the books written about this have not mentioned…..Wardrip claimed the reason he did it was that he was on drugs and so forth. That’s a bunch of bull. This is what happened. He stalked all of these women. He is a psychopath who hates women. Especially a woman with any authority like a nurse. He worked at the hospital where he saw Simms and Toni Gibbs. He knew where Terri Simms stayed, he had probably followed her. He knew where Toni would be, knew what car she drove and so on….He lived across from where Ellen stayed and was stalking her also. Are you going to tell me, he knew who she was, had seen her by his apartment and he just happened to run into her the night he killed her? No, he was stalking her. He watched her get off work that night and he followed her. Debra Taylor was simply at the wrong place and wrong time. He simply followed her outside the bar. Drugs weren’t the problem, Wardrip was the problem. Now our tax dollars have to feed and shelter him.

  • Rene says:

    Saw this recently on Forensic Files. It sickened me physically and mentally for days! I couldn’t stop thinking about the final moments of terror those women must’ve felt before they were raped and then killed. Terry Sims death was truly horrific. she was tied up and then stabbed to death!
    I keep asking myself why such human monsters even exist. It’s been going on for thousands of years and there is no answer. I’m a strong supporter of the death penalty! No one who commits such brutal crimes should be allowed to live. Lethal injection is too nice. I say firing squad. Make sure they all aim for the head!

  • I saw this on Forensic Files, and, as I do from time to time when I hear a story where I feel convicted as did the ones who imposed the death sentence, that this man did in fact, deserve to die for all the hurt he imposed even on the loved ones that were left behind– That he needed to be put to death. I go on here and find out that the finding was reversed. WHY? Answer: Because we live in a world of evil. Heaven awaits those who trust in the Lord Jesus. Thank God for that!

  • W. O. Frobozz says:

    Just watched an old Forensics Files re-run on this piece of human garbage. It ended saying he was going to be executed by lethal injection. Imagine my horror at doing a search to make sure it actually happened…only to see that the son of a b 1 tch is still sucking perfectly good oxygen thanks to some liberal justice travesty.

    What the hell is wrong with the world? If Texas cannot even execute a serial killer (WHICH HE ADMITTED TO BEING), what hope does this world have? Life in prison is still life that his victims never got to know. People like Wardrip should be removed from the gene pool.

  • Richard says:

    In regards to this and all other cases like this one, Our judicial system is a total joke, disgrace and despicable and this case proves that! Screw all those scumbag defense attorneys that are only in it for money they make me sick I am fed up with our tax dollars keeping human garbage alive! I think a murderer should be killed in the same manner that he/she killed! The killer should feel exactly what the victim felt and that my friends is only fair!!! I don’t want to hear any crap about inhumane treatment that’s BS! In other words the needle is too good for them. They do not deserve humane treatment at all. A firing squad is a good thing but it’s too quick and easy. Again they need to feel the suffering that they inflicted on their victims ! NOW THAT IS JUSTACE!!!!!

  • Lisa Coyne says:

    I have gotten to the point where I am beginning to think “is it going to take something happening to each person who sits on a parole board, or one of their loved ones or to the judges across this nation before they learn to keep criminals behind bars for the duration of their sentence etc.?” How many jury’s are shocked to learn or have no idea that their lengthy sentences mean next to nothing? It’s pathetic.

  • Chuck McQueen says:

    Bryce I went to junior high school with you until you’re family moved away from Indiana. I’ve never met you’re brother, but I pray for the victims and their families as well as you and your family.

  • There is absolutely no chance that he ever gets out?
    He may have parole hearings but I can’t see him ever being set free.
    To say he is a worthless piece of shit is obviously an understatement.
    He wouldn’t be missed, I know that much.
    I am not a big fan of the death penalty but certain crimes warrant nothing less really.
    Not as a deterrent or punishment really, because once he is dead, he is off the hook.
    Simply to rid the world of one more sack of garbage.

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