Betty Neumar Dies

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Betty Neumar, 79, passed away June 13, 2011 in Louisiana. She had five husbands die, several of them in suspicious ways.

Her fifth husband, John Neumar, died in 2007 from what at first appeared to be natural causes. The official cause of death was listed as sepsis, ischemic bowel, and ileus, all symptoms that could be attributed to arsenic poisoning.

Suspicions were first raised by John son, who was not told about his father’s death, and had to read about it in the paper. When he contacted Betty about it, he learned that his father had been cremated, even though he had previously purchased a burial plot.

When investigators began to look into the situation, the learned that John was actually Betty’s fifth husband. Three of her other husbands had died of gunshot wounds, which is unusual, to say the least.

In May 2008, Betty was charged with hiring a hit man to kill her fourth husband, Thomas Gentry. He was found dead in their home in Norwood, North Carolina, after having been shot multiple times.

She was released on a $300,000 bond in October 2008. She remained free while waiting for a trial, but no trial date was ever set.

The ashes of her fifth husband were tested for traces of arsenic, but none were found.

Betty died in a Louisiana hospital of an undisclosed illness. Most likely, the truth of what happened died with her.

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