Victims of Judias Buenoano

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Judias Buenoano has been charged with the murders of three people. We currently have the information on three of the victims and one intended victim.

James Goodyear

37 year old James was poisoned by receiving lethal doses arsenic in his home, which he shared with Judias, on September 15, 1971.

Bobby Joe Morris

Bobby was murdered after being poisoned with a lethal dose of arsenic by Judias on January 23, 1978.

Michael Goodyear (AKA Michael Shultz)

Michael, age 19, was Buenoano’s first born child. Michael was drowned by Buenoano when arsenic poisoning did not work on May 13, 1980.

John Gentry

John is a survivor of Judias’s attack. After he arrived at a restaurant, his car exploded, leading police to investigate Judias.







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