Victims of John Justin Bunting

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John Justin Bunting has been charged with the murders of eleven people. We currently have the data on all of his alleged victims.

Clinton Trezise

22 year old Clinton, was murdered August, 1992. After going to what Clinton thought was a social visit at John’s house in Lower Light, South Australia, he was beaten to death with a shovel.

Ray Davies

Ray, 26 years old from Salisbury North, Australia, was murdered December 1995. Ray was disabled man, who lived in a caravan behind Suzanne Allen’s home. According to records, Robert Wagner helped to dispose of Ray’s body. His remains were found at Bunting’s former home in Salisbury North.

Michael Gardiner

19 year old Michael was murdered by Bunting in August, 1997.  According to records, Bunting’s friend Robert Wagner did not like how openly homosexual Michael was, so they decided to murder him. Michael’s remains were found in one of the six drums in Snowtown, Australia.

Barry Lane

Barry was murdered in November, 1997. He was 42 years old and an open homosexual and cross dresser. Barry had been in a relationship with Bunting’s accomplice, Robert Wagner, for eleven years. On the day of his murder, Barry was forced to call his mother and tell her that he would be moving and would like no further communication with her.

Suzanne Allen

Suzanne disappeared November, 1997. Her remains were found at Bunting’s house, wrapped in 11 different plastic bags. Bunting had claimed that she had died of a heart attack, but concealed her death and continued to collect her pension. The charges were dropped against Bunting due to lack of evidence.

Thomas Trevilyan

Thomas, age 18, was murdered in November, 1997. He had been described as having many psychiatric problems and had assisted Bunting and Robert Wagner in the murder of Barry Lane. After Bunting discovered Thomas had told others about his involvement in the murder, Bunting forced Thomas to hang himself in Kersbrook, Adelaide Hills. Police initially believed Thomas had committed suicide.

Gavin Porter

Gavin was murdered at the age of 31. Gavin, a heroin addict, had moved into a house shared by Bunting and James Vlassakis, Bunting’s stepson. After Bunting had been pricked by Gavin’s used syringe, he was murdered while sleeping in his car outside the shared home. His remains were later found in a barrel in Snowtown, Australia.

Troy Youde

Troy, age 21, was murdered August 1998. Troy was a half brother of James Vlassakis, and had been said to have molested James when he was young. Bunting, Robert Wagner, James Vlassakis, and Mark Haydon dragged Troy from his bed and murdered him. His remains were found in a barrel in Snowtown, Australia.

Fredrick Brooks

Frederick, 18 years old, was murdered by Bunting, Robert Wagner, and James Vlassakis on September 17, 1998. He was intellectually disabled and the nephew of Elizabeth Haydon. After his murder Mark Haydon continued to collect Frederick’s welfare payments. His remains were found in Snowtown, Australia.

Gary O’Dwyer

29 year old Gary, an intellectually disabled man, was murdered by Bunting. Bunting saw Gary as an easy target to gain welfare payments from. His remains were found with burn marks from electric shocks in Snowtown, Australia.

Elizabeth Haydon

Elizabeth, 37 years old, was murdered on November 20, 1998. She was the wife of one of Bunting’s accomplices, Mark Haydon. Elizabeth was reported missing by her brother, which caused police to search the bank in Snowtown and discover the remains of eight other missing people.

David Johnson

24 year old Johnson was murdered on May 9, 1999. After being lured to Snowtown by Bunting, Robert Wagner, and James Vlassakis he was forced to read a script, provide his bank PIN, and later strangled. According to police records Bunting and Robert Wagner later dismembered his body, then fried and ate pieces of his remains.






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