Is there a Serial Killer in Yuma, Arizona?

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Four women have been murdered in three years, all near the Arizona-Mexico border. Police believe they are connected.

Marco Vinizio Blanco with the Baja California’s State Attorney General’s Office said:

All of the women were of robust complexion, they were all between 30 to 40 years old and all off them worked as sex workers in the downtown area.

All four victims were dismembered. The torso of the first victim, 42-year-old Maria Dolores Nuno, was found in bags in Callejon Nayarit on September 19, 2009. Two days later, the rest of her was found in Rio Nuevo.

In October 2009, the remains of Guadalupe Beltran Olmos were also found in Rio Nuevo.

A third victim was discovered in October 2010, and the last was found recently in a land fill at Ejido Hipolito Renteria. Identities for these two have either not been made, or not been released.

Investigators believe that the killer’s skill with knives indicates he uses them professionally.

Said Blanco:

We strongly believe our theory that it’s a single person familiar with knives, someone who works with animals and has the skill of a butcher.

Blanco says that security has been increased in Mexicali’s downtown area:

We believe these women were picked up from the same person in the area where they all worked….in the city’s downtown central area.

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