Victims of Richard Trenton Chase

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Richard Trenton Chase has been charged with the murder of six people. We currently have the information on all of his victims.

Ambrose Griffin

Ambrose was murdered on December 29, 1977. He was murdered after two shots were fired from a car and one enetered his chest.

Theresa Wallin

22 year old Theresa was murdered on January 23, 1978. She was twelve weeks pregnant at the time.

Evelyon Miroth

Evelyon was murdered along with her son, nephew and boyfriend on January 27, 1978.

Daniel Meredith

52 year old Daniel was found murdered on January 27, 1978 along with his girlfriend, her nephew and son.

Jason Miroth

6 year old Jason was found murdered along with his mother Evelyon, his mothers’ boyfriend and his cousin on January 27, 1978.

David (Michael) Ferreira

22 month old David was murdered along with his aunt, cousin, and his aunts’ boyfriend on January 27, 1978. His remains were found on March 24, 1978 between a church and a supermarket.


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    I know right. What kind of person would do this. Its Horrifying.

  • Kimberly Flores says:

    He had hypochondria. He believed his stomach was backwards, his heart was shrinking, and that bones were coming out of his head. He also thought his blood was turning to dust. So, at first he began to disembowel animals and eat their insides or to put them in a blender with cola and drink the concoction. He thought this would “rejuvenate” his blood and heart. Then, as he got older, he became interested in humans. He also had issue with keeping an erection as a teen due to repressed anger. So, he felt that instead of treating it properly, he’d achieve an erection and orgasm through necrophilia and disturbing actions, such as those above. He had an aversion to conventional sex due to the fact that it never “worked” out for him.
    He had early signs of psychotic disorder as a child and was abused by his father, and never truly cared for.
    His mother weaned him off from his prescribed schizophrenic medications after he was released from a mental hospital.

    He had issues with his role identity.
    If he had never been released from the mental institution or hadn’t been weaned away from medications he would have never committed these actions.

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