Victims of John Christie

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John Christie has been charged with the murder of eight people. We currently have the information on all of his victims.

Ruth Fuerst

21 year old Ruth was murdered in 1943, she had been reported missing on August 24, 1943.

Muriel Eady

32 year old Muriel was murdered in 1944. She was reported missing in October, 1944.

Beryl Evans

Beryl was murdered with her child, Geraldine, in November, 1949.

Geraldine Evans

Geraldine was murdered with her mother in November, 1949.

Ethel Christie

Ethel was the wife of Christie and was murdered in December 1952.

Rita Nelson

25 year old Rita was murdered in January, 1953.

Kathleen Maloney

26 year old Kathleen was murdered in February, 1953.

Hectorina Maclennan

26 year old Hectorina was murdered in April, 1953.

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