Graphic Photos in Anthony Sowell Trial

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Jurors in the trial of Anthony Sowell were shown a number of graphic photos yesterday. These included the bodies of Telacia Fortson and Diane Turner wrapped in plastic and covered in flies, and the skull of Leshanda Long in a red bucket.

The testimony of the day centered around the detectives that arrested Sowell after an intensive search. Charles Locke testified about stopping a man he had been told was Anthony Sowell. Sowell was wearing a hoodie and carrying a backpack with a box cutter, an empty wallet and a piece of carpet. Sowell claimed he was Anthony Williams.

Sergent Ronald Ross testified that he decided to take Sowell in to check his fingerprints. When Sowell was told he was going to be fingerprinted, he said, “I’m the guy you are looking for”. Sowell started sweating profusely and fell onto his knees.

Ross said that Sowell engaged in a “normal conversation” with the detectives. One of the officers mentioned they had found a body in his backyard.

“Oh, those,” was Sowell’s response.

At the time, only one body had been found.

The cross examination by the defense centered on the fact that some items at the house were not collected as evidence. Defense attorney John Parker was especially interested in a pile of empty beer cans. He said:

At the time you had 11 unidentified bodies and you didn’t have the time to collect this (fingerprints)?

Is the defense trying to claim that there were other people involved?

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