Is a Serial Killer Targeting Prostitutes in Mexicali?

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Investigators in Mexicali, Mexico believe the murders of 44 women since 2008 are related. Of the victims, only two are neither prostitutes or drug users.

Mexican officials tend to reject serial killers as a cause of murder strings. They usually blame organized crime. But nearly four dozen women killed in less than four years certainly suggests a sexual motive.

There is an unofficial line of investigation within the Baja California Attorney General’s Office that suggests that a serial killer or killers may be at work. Interestingly, some think that up to three family members may be performing the serial murders.

Many of the victims were dismembered and thrown into a canal or vacant lot. Coverage has made the expected allusions to Jack the Ripper.

I suspect these case are related to the previously reported killings in Yuma, Arizona. Mexicali and Yuma are only sixty miles apart, and the victims in Yuma were known sex workers. And both clusters have considerable mutilation.

The released data on these killings is limited, however, and much of the coverage has been in Spanish. As my Spanish is pretty much limited to ordering enchiladas or a botana platter, there could easily be information out there about which I am unaware.

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