Victims of Catherine Birnie

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Catherine Birnie has been charged with the murders of four people with her husband David Birnie. We currently have the information on all of their victims.

Mary Nielson

22 year old Mary was murdered on October 6, 1986. She was raped, tortured and later strangled to death.

Susannah Candy

Susannah, age 15, was murdered on October 20, 1986. She was drugged and then strangled to death in Perth, West Australia.

Noelene Patterson

31 year old Noelene was kidnapped on November 1, 1986. She was tortured and raped for three days before being murdered on November 4, 1986 in Perth, West Australia.

Denise Brown

Denise, age 21, was murdered on November 5, 1986. She was tortured and raped prior to the murder in Perth, West Australia.

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