Zodiac Cypher may be Cracked

on July 26, 2011 in Unsubs by

The serial killer dubbed Zodiac sent several encoded messages to San Francisco area newspapers. Most have been cracked over the years, but his most infamous message, sent November 8, 1969, has never been decoded.

Corey Starliper, an amateur codebreaker from Massachusetts, believes he has cracked the code. His solution reads:











Arthur Leigh Allen was one of the primary suspects in the initial investigation. Sherwood Morrill, a handwriting expert, said that Allen’s writing and the Zodiac’s writing were similar, but not from the same person. Allen also passed a polygraph examination.

Allen died in 1992.

Starliper has contacted police in San Francisco with his findings, but so far at least, they seem uninterested in investigating the crime further.


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