Victims of Henry Brisbon

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Henry Brisbon was charged with the murders of four people. We currently have information on three of his victims.

James Schmidt 

25 year old James was shot to death with his fiancé on June 3, 1973.

Dorothy Cerny

25 year old Dorothy was shot to death with her fiancé  on June 3, 1973.

Ronald (Richard) Morgan

Ronald, an inmate at the same prison as Henry Brisbon, was stabbed to death on October 19, 1978.



  • Jim Buzard says:

    It was Richard “Dick” Morgan that Brisbon killed NOT Ronald Morgan. He was my wife’s brother.

  • Tom Johnson says:

    One of his I-57 victims was Betty Lou Harmon. Betty and her husband were leaving the following day on vacation and she had taken her dog from her home in Darien, Illinois to her mother’s home in Kankakee to stay. While on her way home Henry Brisbon rammed into her car and when she stopped to survey the damage Brisbon kidnapped her, took her to a field near Peotone, and blew her innards out with a gun. Betty was a coworker of mine and also a friend, and my supervisor at the time went to search for her and was the person who found her bullet-riddled body.

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