Anthony Sowell Breaks Down During Sentencing Phase

on August 2, 2011 in Psychology, Serial Killers by

Convicted undecuple (eleven time over) murderer Anthony Sowell finally showed some emotion in court yesterday.

Was it because of a particularly graphic description of one of his crimes? No.

Was it when the family member of a victim explained how she misses her loved one? No.

It was when Sowell’s own history of depression was discussed.

Dale Watson, a neuropsychologist, testified about the answers Sowell gave on a test that evaluated depression. Sowell apparently answered “yes” to questions like “I feel sad most of the time”, “I see a lot of failures in my life”, and “I expect to be punished and I don’t like myself.”

If we needed more evidence the Sowell is a full-blown psychopath, we certainly have it. He’s not the slightest bit concerned about the impact of his actions, but a discussion of his being sad causes him to weep and hold his head in his hands.

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