Ted Bundy’s DNA to be Uploaded Today

on August 5, 2011 in Forensics, Serial Killers by

As previously reported, Ted Bundy’s DNA has been sampled and is being uploaded to the national DNA database. Reports are that this will happen today.

Bundy confessed to thirty murders before he died, and is suspected of having committed many more.

Once convicted, many serial killers confess to murders they didn’t commit. Henry Lucas and Otis Toole are the most notorious examples of this.

With Bundy’s DNA online, many unsolved murders may now be closed.


  • Brian Combs says:

    Just FYI, I’m reading that getting results from the upload could take several months.

  • Matt says:

    I’m very interested to find out about what pieces of information this brings to light.

    • Brian Combs says:

      Me too!

      I think it’s clear that Bundy committed more murders than he was convicted for. It’s reasonable to believe that his DNA is likely connected to at least some of the unsolved cases.

      The question is, how many?

      And, unlike some of Henry Lee Lucas’ confessions (and some of Bundy’s as well), these will be able to be proved (or disproved) via DNA.

      Should be very interesting!

      I imagine another round of Ted Bundy books will be written…

      • robby says:

        i am interested in how bundy got away with all these murders before he got caught

        • Brian Combs says:

          The simple answer is linkage blindness. Bundy killed across a wide geographic area, which included numerous police jurisdictions. At that point in time, there was really no way for one department to connect a case with one from another department, unless investigators happened to be sitting next to each other at the bar.

          Now with systems like ViCAP, such cases can be much more easily connected.

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