Prosecutor Admits Case Against Mark Dizon is Circumstantial

on October 13, 2010 in Law Enforcement, Serial Killers by

Mark Dizon was arrested by Philippine police in July for the murder of nine people during robberies of homes and hotels. He was tracked down through the use of his Facebook account.

It turned out that Dizon was Facebook friends with the daughter of one of his victims. A friend of the daughter showed his profile picture to witnesses, helping to identify him.

The government admits the case is circumstantial. Said prosecutor Allan Pasamonte:

We have presented 10 witnesses and six sworn testimonies of other witnesses, but so far, all we have against the suspect are circumstantial. The murder weapon is missing, and there is not a single witness who saw him actually commit the crimes.

Dizon claims he is being made the “fall guy” for the murders, saying:

There is no evidence to link me to the crimes. The incidents occurred in subdivisions where sentries normally list down the names of guests, and my name does not even appear in any of their logbooks.

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