Anthony Sowell’s Defense Team Wants a New Trial

on August 16, 2011 in Serial Killers by

Anthony Sowell’s lawyers are asking for a new trial for their client. According to a document filed Friday, he deserves one because a juror expressed horror during a tour of Sowell’s house (and the scene where the bodies of eleven women were found), and because that same juror complained after the trial that Sowell had winked at her during the trial.

I don’t see this going very far. Disgust is the natural reaction to witnessing such a horrible scene, and Sowell shouldn’t be rewarded for something he did (i.e. winking at a juror).

In any case, the defense will have to refile their motion. In Ohio, the defense must wait at least 14 days after sentencing before it can request a new trial. Defense attorney Rufus Sims says they are working on a replacement.

Given that little screw up, perhaps Sowell should look at an inadequate defense appeal.

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