Joseph Naso Wants to Delay Preliminary Hearing

on August 21, 2011 in Serial Killers by

Joseph Naso, who is representing himself in the trial where he is accused of murdering four Northern California women, has asked that his September 6th preliminary hearing be postponed. Naso has been granted permission to retain advisory counsel, but apparently has been having trouble hiring one.

Last month, Judge Andrew Sweet denied Naso’s request to have the public pay for his counsel. A report on Naso’s finances concluded that Naso has sufficient funds to hire his own attorney, but Naso maintains that he cannot access his assets.

A hearing on the request is scheduled for 9am Monday.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Judge Sweet approves a short, one-time delay, but he’s been running things on a fairly tight leash, so I expect Naso will only get one delay.

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