David Berkowitz Won’t Seek Parole in 2012

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According to a letter he sent to Fox News, David Berkowitz will not seek parole in 2012.

Perhaps he really is born again, and sorry for what he did, but that’s between him and his God.

I continue to believe that his main motivation is the desire for attention. Perhaps no one showed up for this last parole hearing, and he doesn’t think it’s worth his time.

He’s been denied parole five times. He knows very well that he is never getting out.


  • Karen Folques says:

    Hey There,

    I’m new to your site, glad I’ve found it. Re: Berkowitz…and I apologize if this is discussed anywhere else on your site, I haven’t explored it all yet…but, what is your opinion or knowledge of his involvement in a larger ‘group/cult’ of organized killings? Or, at least, related killings which I have even read may include the Zodiac?

    Thanks…right now I am listening to the Fred and Rosemary West podcasts.


    • Brian Combs says:


      I discussed this in the David Berkowitz episodes way back in Episodes 7 and 8.

      In a nutshell, there certainly are some indications that someone else might have been involved in the shootings, but I don’t see any real evidence of a major conspiracy. Berkowitz has offered no real evidence other than outlandish claims, and he’s an established liar.

  • eleanor says:

    David got mixed up in a cult that had connections to the same widespread group that Manson belonged to. I believe the name was Process Church of Final Judgement. His introduction to the cult was from two brothers he had met, Michael and John Carr, whose father, Sam, was a nearby neighbor, who owned the dog, Harvey. the cult met in Untermeyer Park and held satanic ceremonies, worshipping the demonic entity that rules halloween, whose name, Samhain, has been worshipped by satanists for centuries. David already had serious emotional problems since a small child, and getting mixed up in this group with it’s satanic worship sent him over the edge. In addition to the shootings, he became an arsonist, and kept a diary of the fires he had set. Part of the delusions he developed was that Samhain was working somehow through Sam Carr to oppress him and ruin his life, so the name Son of Sam had a double meaning, concerning his feelings of bondage to the devil. He admitted after several months in prison that he was the gunman in only two of the attacks, killing three of the victims. In the other shootings, he was a lookout who lent his gun to the shooter. It was ten years into his prison sentence that another prisoner gave him a New Testament, and he began reading the Psalms. The word of God began to light the darkness in his soul. One night he got down on his knees and prayed and cried for half an hour, telling Jesus he was so sorry he had lived like an animal, and he didn’t know why he did what he did, and asked Jesus to help him. the chains of the devil snapped off his mind. He began to live differently because the Lord had redeemed him and forgiven him. He has spent years studying the Bible, teaching the Bible, and using whatever means available to him to spread the Word of Jesus’ power to save, even someone in the deep hole he was in. His life is truly an astounding testimony of the power of jesus to save the lost from Hell.

    • Brian Combs says:

      With any pathological liar, it’s hard to tell where the truth is. I believe he’s now retracted the cult claims, and admits he was the sole shooter.

      Criminal profiler Scott “Doc” Bonn, who has spoken to Berkowitz many times, believes his conversion to Christianity is sincere. You might want to listen to my interview with Bonn, which was in Episode 60 of the podcast.

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