Episode 045: Jerry Brudos, Part 5

on September 9, 2011 in Podcast Episodes, Serial Killers by

Last week, police in Oregon had just arrested Jerry Brudos. This week, we wrap up his story.

One note: I’m switching to referring to Jerry Brudos as “Brudos” rather than “Jerry” in this episode. Most everyone else in this episode is being referred to by their last name, so it should make things easier to follow. Darcy Brudos will be referred to as “Darcy”, and during interactions between her and her husband, I’ll sometimes call him “Jerry.”

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“Lust Killer” by Ann Rule
“Serial Murderers and the Victims” by Eric Hickey
“Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters” by Peter Vronsky
“The Serial Killer Files” by Harold Schechter
“Jerry Brudos” from the Radford University Serial Killer Timelines
“The Fetish Killer” by Katherine Ramsland on TruTV.com


  • Richard says:


    Another excellent podcast history. The sound quality is much better. The more detailed formats are compelling. It’s all so horrid I wonder how you can research this stuff, let alone me listen to it. Perhaps you could leaven the series with a podcast about famous film serial killers and how they were or were not based on the actual killer. My other suggestion is that the various killers come various periods in history, and it would place them better if you could have now and again little tags of popular music of the time in the background, which might add a little relieving humour as well. But on the other hand perhaps your philosophy is not to trivialise or glamourise the subject matter.

    There are also a wealth of English horrors in the Newgate chronicle / gazette (?).

    In any case, all praise to you.


    • Brian Combs says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Richard. Definitely been working on the audio, and I think it’s finally getting to where it needs to be.

      I’ve thought about using music to tie in the location and time period. The fictional crime show Cold Case does a great job of this. My main worry is not violating copyright. I don’t have the licensing budget that Cold Case has.

      If I can figure out a way to do this without being sued, it’s definitely something I’d be interested in.

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