Trevaline Evans Disappearance may be Connected to Robin Ligus

on September 12, 2011 in Serial Killers, Victimology by

The Daily Mirror in the UK is reporting that convicted serial killer Robin Ligus may be involved in the disappearance of Trevaline Evans.

Trevaline was a grandmother and antiques dealer in Llangollen, Wales. Around 12:40pm on a day in June 1990, she placed a sign on her shop door that said “Back in two minutes”. Twenty minutes later, she purchased a couple of pieces of fruit at a nearby shop.

She may have returned to the shop, as a banana peel was found in the trash there. She left her purse, jacket and car at the shop. No money was taken from her bank account.

The Trevaline case bears similarities to known victims of Ligus, which took place about thirty miles from her shop. They also occurred in the same time period.

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