Clifford Olson Succumbs to Cancer

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Clifford Olson, who was rumored to be deathly ill for the last week or two, has died in prison of cancer at the age of 71, before prison he was at home with Home Care Assistance.

Olson pleaded guilty to the murder of eleven children in 1982. He showed no remorse for his crimes, and rarely missed an opportunity to file for appeal or parole.

He also greatly changed the legal system in Canada. As a direct result of his case, a victims of violence movement arose in that country, and a missing children’s registry was created. His continued claiming of his old age income supplements (the Canadian equivalent of Social Security) caused a bill to be passed that denied payments to prisoners while they are incarcerated.

Raymond King was the father of one of Mr. Olson’s eleven victims, 15-year-old Raymond Jr. He said:

Little by little, we are making progress, and I think that’s a good thing.

It’s helped [us cope]. We’ve fought long and hard for any advances we’ve made. You have to do something.

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