Possible Serial Killer in Johannesburg

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Investigators in Johannesburg, South Africa believe a serial killer may be targeting the gay community. In the last ten months, four gay men have been found bound and strangled to death.

All were found in private homes with no sign of forced entry.

While some minor items were stolen, investigators do not believe theft was the motive. And the lack of forced entry indicates that the victims may have known their attacker.

Jim Cathels was found in his home in December 2010. He had been bound and strangled, with no forced entry.

Oscar O’Hara, 33, was house-sitting for a friend in Kensington about four months ago. He was found bound and strangled when the home owner returned.

Siphiwe Selby Nhlapo, 36, was found in his home on Kliptown, Soweto on September 11. While he had been bound and strangled like the others, he had also had acid poured on his body post mortem.

Barney van Heerden, 39, was found on September 19. He was bound and strangled in his Orange Grove home. Half-full glasses of wine were found on the kitchen table. His car gate was left open, and his front door was unlocked.

At this point, no official task force has been formed.

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