Episode 049: Herbert Mullin, Part 3

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Last week, Herbert Mullin’s voices had become so insistent that he finally obeyed them, committing his first murder.

This week, more sacrifices must be made to prevent the catastrophic earthquake in California’s future.

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“The Die Song” by Donald T. Lunde and Jefferson Morgan“Herb Mullin” by Shirley Lynn Scott on TruTV.com
“Herb Mullin” on the Serial Killer Timelines at Radford.edu
“The Serial Killer Files” by Harold Schechter
“The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, Second Edition” by Newton
“Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters” by Peter Vronsky

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  • Ishi Canaday says:

    There are many pieces to this puzzle that aren’t told anywhere as far as I can tell. James Gianulis and Bob Francis were part of the hippie group he stayed with, last time being about 18 months before he killed them. He had thought they were behind the abuse he had endured… The group was reading Lobsang Rampa and the Rampa books cover things that explain much.. Why he mutilated Mary .. why he felt he had psychic agreement from the souls of his victims for better placement in reincarnation… It was a mind control project with two “gurus”. Herb was the mark, abused ambiently by everyone because they had been led to believe that he worked for the government as an undercover narc.
    I nearly lost my life and in the long process of piecing together what had actually been going on, I learned my cousin had been practicing mind control full time since back then, when he had this hippie group “as puppets on strings.” There is even an early Rampa book which covers jumping into another person’s head. The last time Herb was with the group he was given 10 hits of LSD and the voices began after that and never let up until he complied. Knowing the way my cousin works I feel Herbert was led to think he (my cousin) was the only one that cared about him while thoughts in the group were manipulated to abuse and isolate while at the same time surrounding him. Herb and my cousin had at least one sexual encounter together. ..

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