Witnesses Say David Leonard Wood Not Retarded

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The hearing to determine whether David Leonard Wood is eligible for the death penalty continued in El Paso, Texas on Wednesday. The prosecution called witnesses to testify that Wood is not mentally retarded, and is therefore can be executed.

Four current or former employees of the Texas prison system testified that Wood was an average, or even above average inmate. Said death row officer Cheryl Whitesel:

He’s not introverted. (He’s) Confident, I would say. Sometimes cocky. Maybe sometimes hostile.

Wood reportedly followed instructions and interacted well with other inmates. He is said to be great with tools, and even a good artist.

In cross examination, the defense pointed out that none of these witnesses were experts. The prosecution then called Dr. Thomas G. Allen, who has been a forensic psychologist for 25 years.

Dr. Allen did not get into specifics on Wood on Wednesday, but discussed how mental retardation is actually diagnosed. He is expected to explain how these diagnostic factors apply to Wood in court this morning.

Dr. Allen is expected to be the final witness the prosecution calls. The defense will then have the opportunity to call rebuttal witnesses.

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