Review: Twisted, “Son of Sam”

on October 13, 2011 in Serial Killers, Video Reviews by

Last Friday’s episode of Twisted on Investigation Discovery profiled David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam. I recorded it on the DVR, and Mrs. SK Podcast and I watched it last night.

Like the episode on Donald Gaskins, I thought this episode lacked detail. Perhaps it would be interesting for someone who didn’t know the story already, but I was hoping to hear something new.

The interviews with Robert Violante, who survived the final shooting, were interesting, however. The poor guy, who lost one eye and most of the sight in the other, clearly has some survivor’s guilt.

Again there were interviews with criminologists David Wilson and Louis B. Schleshinger, and forensic psychologist Helen Morrison. These added to the episode, but could have gone into more death.

Schleshinger’s commentary about Berkowitz being a sexual predator were the most interesting of the bunch.

This coming Friday’s episode of Twisted is about Edmund Kemper. I don’t know Kemper’s story quite as well as I do Berkowitz and Gaskins, so perhaps it’ll be more interesting.

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