Further Evidence Shows David Leonard Wood Not Retarded

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Prosecutors in El Paso, Texas continued to build the case that David Leonard Wood is not retarded on Thursday. A letter from 2009 was shown where Wood wrote:

My new attorney is wanting to raise the Atkins issue, which is the ‘retardation’ issue. Well, we all know that that is not going to work, but he wants the time to raise other issues, and what he wants overall is to get me life (in prison).

Atkins refers to the 2002 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court making it unlawful to execute a mentally retarded person.

Dr. Thomas Allen testified for several hours about Wood. He says that the letter, and some inconsistencies in IQ testing, show that Wood is not mentally retarded.

To be considered mentally retarded, one must have an IQ below 70.

Wood scored a 64 on an IQ test in 1980. A second test in 1980 had him at a 101 IQ.

A test given in 1987 put him at 111, well above average.

Dr. Allen administered an IQ test himself, on which Wood scored a 75. Dr. Allen testified that he felt Wood was trying to score poorly.

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