Cody Alan Legebokoff Charged in Three More Murders

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Cody Allan Legebokoff was charged last year in the murder of 15-year-old Loren Donn Leslie. Her body was found near Venderhoof, British Columbia, Canada in November 2010. He is awaiting trial on this murder.

New charges make him an accused serial killer.

The RCMP announced Monday that after a nearly year-long investigation, they are charging Legebokoff with the murders of three more women.

Jill Stacey Stuchenko, 35, of Prince George, was reported missing on October 22, 2009. Her body was found four days later.

Cynthia Frances Maas, 35, was reported missing by friends on September 23, 2010. Her friends had been unable to contact her for several weeks. Her body was found in LC Gunn Park, outside Prince George, on October 9, 2010.

Natasha Lynn Montgomery, 23, of Quesnel, had been living in the Prince George area. She was also reported missing on September 23, 2010. Her body has not been found. The RCMP says there is evidence to support a murder charge.

Reportedly, all three of these alleged victims were sex trade workers.

If guilty, Legebokoff committed his first known murder at the age of 19. While not unheard of, that is a fairly young age to start a serial murder series.

Legobokoff lived in Lethbridge, Alberta from June 2008 to August 2009. Investigators report that there are no unsolved murders in the area from that period. So, it’s very possible that Jill was his first kill.

But the pattern thereafter is disturbing. The first known murder happened in October 2009. Two more murders happened about ten months later. A fourth happened maybe a month and a half after those two, and a fifth just one month after the fourth.

Jumping from a long cycle to such a short cycle would be unusual. It does suggest that there might be additional victims.

Said Inspector Brendan Fitzpatrick:

We’re alive to that. We’re not going to discount it and we’re going to leave nothing to chance.

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