Steven Hobbs Looks Like a Serial Killer, say Investigators

on October 21, 2011 in Alleged Serial Killers by

Steven Hobbs was arrested Thursday morning, and charged with the murder of a second woman. Patricia Ann Pyatt was last seen walking from her home in the Crosby section of eastern Harris County. Her body was found November 19, 2002 beneath a bridge. She had been strangled.

Hobbs was charged on Monday with the murder of Sarah Annette Sanford. Her body was found nude and handcuffed in a wooded area near Crosby in October 2010.

Prosecutors say that DNA links him to both murders.

Investigators are looking at 15 prostitutes that have been killed in the area over the years. They are currently looking back to 1996, and may widen their inquiry.

Said Lt. Rolf Nelson:

Steven Hobbs is a predator, and he’s been a predator for at least a decade.

Hobbs has also been charged with a number of sexual assaults. Most, if not all, of his victims were believed to be working in the sex industry.

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