Steven Hayes Says He’s a Serial Killer

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Steven Hayes was sentenced to death for murder and sexual assault in the 2007 deaths of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters. The crimes happened during a home invasion with accomplice Joshua Komisarjevsky.

Now, in a letter obtained by the New Haven Register, Hayes claims to be a serial killer. The letter written to a woman identified only as “Lynn” says:

Yes, I’ve killed before. I have 17 kills throughout the Northeast United States. Perfect victims and well executed, controlled endeavors.

It’s not clear whether the count of 17 includes the three for which he was convicted or not.

The letter and three others were confiscated by Connecticut officials. In them, he also claims to have committed many additional rapes, drugged some of his victims, videotaped one kidnapping and assault, and collected shoes from his victims.

While sitting on death row might mean that Hayes doesn’t have much incentive to give an untruthful denial of the crimes, he actually has incentive to make crimes up.

Henry Lee Lucas was given trips all over the country because he kept claiming to be responsible for other murders. Kenneth Allen McDuff and Ted Bundy both stretched out their execution dates by slowly revealing their crimes.

Hayes certainly should have known his mail was being read. Assuming he did, one has to wonder how much truth there is in his claims.

Certainly, his claims will be investigated. My gut tells me there’s probably some truth in them, but that he’s also probably exaggerating.

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