Victims of Tommy Lynn Sells

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Tommy Lynn Sells has been charged with the murder of thirteen people, but claimed to have murdered between twenty and fifty people. We currently have information on thirty-one of his victims.

Unknown Man 1

This unknown man was murdered in Mississippi, 1979. Sells claimed that he murdered this man because he was molesting a child, which later proved to be false.

Unknown Man 2

This unknown male was murdered in 1980. He was murdered with an icepick in Los Angeles.

Colleen Gill

Colleen was beaten to death on July 21, 1983. She was murdered with her daughter Tiffany.

Tiffany Gill

Tiffany, age 4, was beaten to death on July 21, 1983. She was murdered with her mother.

Ena Cordt

Ena was murdered on July 26, 1985. She was murdered with her son Rory in Missouri.

Rory Cordt

Rory, age 4, was murdered on July 26, 1985. He was murdered with his mother in Missouri.

Unknown Woman 1

An unknown woman was murdered in 1986. She was shot to death in St. Louis.

Suzanne Korcz

Suzanne, age 27, was murdered on May 1, 1987 in Niagara Falls.

Stephanie Stroh

Stephanie was strangled to death on October 16, 1987 in Nevada.

Russell Dardeen

Russell, age 29, was shot to death on November 18, 1987 in Illinois. He was murdered with his wife, son and new born baby.

Ruby Elaine Dardeen

Ruby was beaten to death on November 18, 1987 in Illinois. She was pregnant at the time beating and went into labor. She was murdered with her husband, son and new born baby.

Peter Dardeen

Peter, age 3, was beaten to death on November 18, 1987 in Illinois. He was murdered with his father, mother and new born sibling.

New Born

A new born baby was beaten to death on November 18, 1987 in Illinois. This baby was born while his mother, Ruby, was being beaten to death.

Melissa Ann Trembley     

Melissa was found murdered in September of 1988.

Unknown Boy 1

This boy is thought to have been murdered in the fall of 1988. He is believed to have been murdered with his mother.

Unknown Woman 2

This woman is thought to have been murdered in the fall of 1988. She is believed to have been murdered with her son.

Kent Alan Lauten

Kent, age 51, was murdered on December 18, 1988 in Arizona. Kent’s throat was cut.

Unknown Woman 3

This unknown woman was murdered in Nevada, January of 1989.

Unknown Person 1

This person is thought to have been murdered in Oregon, May of 1989.

Unknown Person 2

This person is thought to have been murdered in Oregon, May of 1989.

Stephanie Mahaney

Stephanie, age 13, was murdered on October 15, 1997 in Missouri.

Debra Harris

Debra, age 32, was murdered on April 4, 1999 in Tennessee. She was stabbed to death with her daughter Ambria. Sells claimed responsibility for these murders.

Ambria Halliburton

Ambria, age 8, was stabbed to death on April 4, 1999. She was murdered with her mother. Sells claimed responsibility for these murders.

Mary Bea Perez

Mary, age 9, was murdered on April 18, 1999. She was strangled to death. Sells confessed to this crime.

Haley McHone

Haley, age 13, was strangled to death on May 13, 1999 in Kentucky.

Bobbi Lynn Wofford

Bobbi, age 14, was murdered in July, 1999 in Oklahoma. She had been shot to death.

Danny Freeman

Danny was murdered on December 31, 1999 in Oklahoma. He was murdered with his wife, daughter and family friend. Sells confessed to this murder.

Kathy Freeman

Kathy was murdered on December 31, 1999 in Oklahoma. She was murdered with her husband, daughter and family friend. Sells confessed to his murder.

Ashley Freeman

Ashley was murdered on December 31, 1999 in Oklahoma. She was murdered with her father, mother and family friend. Sells confessed to this murder.

Laura Bible

Laura was murdered on December 31, 1999 in Oklahoma. She was murdered with her friend’s parents and her friend. Sells confessed to this murder.

Kaylene Harris

Kaylene, age 13,  was stabbed to death on December 31, 1999 in Texas.


  • Mary Meyer says:

    Could Tommy Lynn sells be responsible for the murders of Darlie Routier a boys in Texas in 1996? I know he killed a little boy named Joel and his mother was on trial for his death until they realized Sells was responsible

    • big mouth says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. After all,most of the jurors said if they had been allowed to see the pictures of Darlie where she was literally black from bruises from the neck to her knees they would not have convicted her. They also knew that someone left that crime scene and threw that tube sock away and their was no way Darlie did that they proved. I hate when these prosecutors refuse to admit that they may have been wrong and why would they not let the jurors see all of Darlie’s injuries. They even said that they should could have not done this by herself and tried to blame her husband too. This is exactly the way Sell’s murdered too.

    • jezmyopinion says:

      Nope, Darlie did it. Tommy Lynn Sells was in jail when Darlie murdered Damon and Devon.

  • Sam says:

    I just watched on television the story of Julie Kilpatrick, the woman who was convicted and then later acquitted of the murder of her ten year old son, Joel Kilpatrick, in Illinois on October 13, 1997 (two days before Stephanie Mahaney). What’s amazing is the law enforcement in Illinois still to this day believe the mother did it because they hated to be proven wrong, which they were because they had blinders on and ignored evidence, timelines, witnesses, etc.

    • Ann says:

      Sells killed my sister Colleen Gill and her daughter Tiffany. For along time they tried to pin it on her husband, I read the story about Joel and it hurt to know the real number of Sells victims is much higher than the death toll.

      • Mary says:

        I just saw an episode of 48 hours and somehow found my way to this website. I want you to know, just how very sorry I am for your loss. I know it’s been a few years since you posted, but I just felt compelled to say something.

        God bless you and your family.


      • stacey says:

        So evil so horrible. I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine. At least, now with God, evil can no longer touch your loved ones nor any of the other many souls that crossed paths with this apparent monster.

      • Lawrence Lucy says:

        Hello Ann..
        My Mother showed me this and told me that Colleen was her father’s sister,, essentially making her and you my great aunts.. I know that this post is years old so you may never get to read this. And I know this may not be the right place to do this but… Hi!

      • Ann armstrong says:

        Big irony, Colleen’s other sister who I found in 2014 and did not know till then what had happened to Colleen and it turns out she lived and knew the Dardeens who was also murder by Sells in 1987, life is weird

    • forensics guy says:

      I just seen this show and I have seen it in the past as we’ll, but this time I realized how bad the investigation was. No forensic items was not collected such as finger print that is for me to believe. This is one of tge reason I dont like circumstantial evidence trials. But I must say that the investigators have a point on one instance. It was dew that morning night and they didnt see no shoe prints and a few others lil stuff. I know they claim tommy confess to the murder but I haven’t seen or heard is confession. I have to agree with the prosecutors tommy has nothing to loose and enjoys the attention. I also like to point out that’s tommy didn’t like to leave any witness. From the mother point of view her and tommy struggle but her injuries from tommy let me try to get away injuries. Looks tommy didnt try to kill her. Idk the whole case is suspicious.

    • Vicky Wesson says:

      I saw the same show and the name was Kirkpatrick not Kilpatrick because I remember because my maiden name is Kirkpatrick.

  • mel says:

    I think he killed Darlie Rourier’s children. They do not have any evidence against the mother except small town gossip. Tommy Sells did kill a lot of children this way.

    • Sue says:

      I will always believe that “Sells” murdered “Darlies”‘, boys and cut Darlie’s throat. In the 1990’s my “Husband” (now my Ex.) and my foster nephew,were friends and associates of “Sells”,and various members of my foster family and my “Ex”, drafted “Sells” into a conspiracy for my demise, resulting in Sells stalking me, giving me Mutilation / Death threats over the phone and he made (3) unsuccessful attempts on my life that I am aware of. In Nov. 1993 he actually gained entry to my home, unawares to me while I was home alone, and was separated from my Husband. Fortunate for me, or me, I had locked my bedroom door that night before turning in that night, however I did hear something at my bedroom door, when I looked at the door, the door knob was turning back and forth as if someone were trying to open the door. I assumed it was my 22 yr. old son came home and wanted to check on me as he normally did, I called out my son’s name and all went silent outside the door. In Oct. 1997, after I filed Divorce and Adult Order Of Protection against my Husband, I was home alone packing to move into my new Apartment when my foster nephew ( declared genetically insane and dangerous) drove up in front of my home, he brought with him his long time friend, “Tommy Lynn Sells”, in short, my “nephew” kept telling “Sells” to “Do Me” and prove that Sells “had the guts”, “to do it”…Sells turned to my Nephew and said, “Quote”, She has never done anything to me like you have, so why don’t I just “do you” and prove to you that way that I can do it, Because I can” Unquote…my nephew ran to the Van, and waited for Sells. Sells then confessed to me that he had once been in my home, and that the “foster family” wanted him to end my life Via, Throat Slashing”, he did not kill me because I had extended kindness to him, on a cold snowy night in the early 1990″s unawares to me, My husband “set me up” to be killed by Sells, when my Husband told me to go to a local burger stand for supper, Sells, stopped my car, got into my car, and I gave him food and a ride to his destination, while I had no idea that he had ever killed anyone, and had no idea he intended to kill me, m and gave him food, and a ride to a Church that he was sleeping under. Subsequently that day in Oct. 1997, Sells told me that he was the man I picked up, gave food to and a ride to the church, he told me he was going to “do something” to try and make “them” leave me alone, he said “Quote” Here’s a hint”, burgers and fries are good on a cold snowy night. That was when I realized he had been in my home, in No. 1993, and unawares to me, and that he was there to kill me….

    • jezmyopinion says:

      Please do your research – Tommy Lynn Sells was in jail the night Darlie Routier butchered her two sons. He couldn’t have done it. Darlie did it. DNA has proven again and again and again her guilt. Just this past may DNA proves it.

    • Anion says:

      Lol, “no evidence against the mother except small-town gossip.” And blood patterns, and her own numerous lies, and the obvious staging of the scene, and her lack of attempts to help either of her children, and the fact that she never asked where the baby was/if the baby was okay, and the fact that she tried to clean up the sink, and the sock she planted that didn’t have any of her blood on it which proves the crime couldn’t have occurred the way she claimed, and her failed polygraph (not admissible, but still), and, oh, a bunch of other stuff. But yeah, aside from all that evidence, they didn’t have any evidence except gossip.

      That woman is guilty guilty guilty. Read the actual trial transcripts instead of listening to the spin her supporters put on it. (Oh, and all the DNA testing they were insisting would exonerate her? They carried out that testing, and it did not exonerate her or show that anyone else was at the scene.)

    • JezMyOpinion says:

      Again, Tommy Lynn Sells was in jail the night Darlie killed Damon and Devon.

  • crystal says:

    Was there evidence on him killing the little girl in san Antonio? Reason why i ask is cuz hes lied before on a previous missing persons case.

  • Hale says:

    I am here because I just read an article regarding his execution. Sue- I cannot imagine hearing someone in my home, trying to open my door, and only later find out that it was a serial killer. The fact that he told you he was going to kill you is chilling. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. There are people you know, people you think you know, but nobody really knows anybody.

  • Been there says:

    Is there any chance that Sells killed Amber Hagerman in 1996?

  • Colonel says:

    I agree with SAM & FORENSICS GUY. I’m a retired Law Enforcement Officer and after reviewing the evidence and watching the T.V. Show on Discovery I.D., I believe the local Law Enforcement Investigators in Illinois got it right the first time. I will always believe that Julie Kirkpatrick killed her own Son Joel Kirkpatrick, and Tommy Sells claimed responsibility of Joel’s Murder only to create attention for himself. Even though Sells has been Executed, I also agree with the Prosecutors when they stated that Julie Kirkpatrick got away with Murder. And according to Federal Laws, even though Julie was charged, tried, convicted, and sent to Prison only to have her Sentence and Conviction overturned, that all happened in State Court however, the Federal Prosecutors could go back and re-charge her with Murder in Federal Court without putting a small dent in the Double Jeaporady Clause.

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